Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Give Us A Lift!

Well, we got to Manchester in bright, sunny weather on Saturday afternoon.
Room was OK, not anything special, but the staff have been great.

Until last night...
when I got stuck in the only working lift! Not for long, about 20 minutes.

Pressed the alarm button several times, no-one came. Tried to use the 'emergency phone'- but the line was dead! Then the lift went UP to the 6th floor...that was when I really started to panic.
Luckily I had my mobile with me and a signal, so had called Mr B who was on his way back on the tram from Media City.
As no-one seemed to be turning up, prior to the lift moving, I also called the Fire Brigade!!

Goodness knows what happened, but apparently when the lift went 'bump' at my stop (GF), it stretched the wiring to the phone and alarm and thus rendered them useless.

Which is why, when Mr B finally got thru' to the hotel, no-one on reception knew anything about me being stuck!!! OMG!

I got out on the 6th Floor and was a heck of a state and didn't know where the stairs were to get down. Eventually found the fire escape and walked down six flights of stairs.
Thank goodness the firemen were there! They put me on oxygen which kept my asthma at bay.

The firemen were great and I send them the biggest 'thank you' possible, but the Duty Manager of the hotel left A LOT to be desired.

Of course, after all this palaver the restaurant was now closed, which was the only reason I was going downstairs in the first order us a meal for when Mr B got back!

Burger King was all that was open nearby, and very tasty it was too!

I need to go home to recover! But not until after I get to meet the NW Bloggers on Saturday afternoon at Nexus. Looking forward to that!

Z xx


  1. Oh my god!! That sounds horrendous! I have such a fear of being stuck in lifts - I totally blame it on a traumatic episode of Neighbours in my childhood.

    I'll email you tomorrow hun. There were vague plans to meet earlier for those who were close to Manchester and I'm trying to find out if that's still happening or not.

  2. You poor thing, it sounds horrible. I hope the rest of your stay goes a lot better.
    Ann x

  3. Oh dear, I would hate to be stuck in a lift I am so claustrophobic (sp?)... I am hoping to go to the meet up on Sat too so hopefully see you there :) x

  4. That really would be one of my worst nightmares come true! I hate lifts at the best of times and always start to breathe quickly when they make weird bumps!! You would have thought they would have made or ordered you in a meal especially on the house to try to make up for that!!!

  5. What a scare but those lovely fireman must have made up for it a little ;-)