Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Night Treat

Mr B is working up in Brum, so my little treat tonight was a yummy cupcake that was a gift from the vintage tearoom ladies yesterday.
How kind was that? (But how difficult to photograph! Not to eat though!)
The other treat is sitting back and enjoying Mr Selfridge; dazzle me! The clothes - sigh!
Ah, yes, Vix...will do photos of the goodies. I have a lot of bits to post about; been very lax, but, hopefully, I am out the other side of a rather trying time and blogging posts will be resumed. I have kept an eye on you all but have very rarely commented.
Be prepared for overflowing comment boxes!


  1. I'm definitely coming to sort your cupboards if you can buy me cakes like that!

  2. Mr Selfridge AND cake ... Perfect!! M x