Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Our Thin White Duke

After visiting the Vintage Fair on Saturday, Trevor offered to deliver the Atomic hat stand, that we bought from Dulcie Britain.
It would have been a little awkward doing the 'big shop' with it tucked under Mr Bs' arm!
He was going to pop over on Sunday, which became Monday. We were all set to put the kettle on when he arrived, but, with a shockwave going around the world about the death of David Bowie, it was literally just a 'drop off'.
"We should call it David" said Mr B, because we do have names for some of our household items. Doesn't everyone? Remember Beulah the Bernina
"It's our very own Thin White Duke", I shrieked!!
I have two rather contrived links. The first is the costume above, that probably needs no introduction. It was designed by Natasha Korniloff, who was one of my college tutors.
To say our first meeting was not the best would be an understatement! I was the only student to choose Theatre Design (& TV Crafts) to study whilst on my Foundation Course, initially because I wanted to be let loose in the wonderful saws, vac-formers and the like. My idea of heaven!
The way the course was run, all us students who were going to stay to do a vocational course, as opposed to going off and doing a degree, were shunted into their respective courses for one day a week, on a Friday. So every week, I'd turn up like a lost soul, to the Theatre Dept and present myself to the tutor for the week. Yeah, the rest of the students had been working on some project for a week and then I'd turn up! Natasha was not impressed and made sure that I knew she wasn't, even though I hadn't planned the curriculum!!
After a bumpy start we were OK and she very kindly put me up overnight at her home, when I had an interview or some thing or other, early the next day in London.
The other, is the 'Zebra Girl' costume from the Absolute Beginners video single.
I was working with Gordy, (at London Festival Ballet), and we got asked to make an all-in-one leotard. Didn't know what for, but Gordy cut it out, I sewed it up and the chap that asked us to make it, painted it.
So, that's how my path almost crossed with David Bowie! He touched something I made!! 

We had a lovely time at the fair.
It was so good to see my beloved 'Twinnie', Margaret, who is Trevors' mum. She wasn't in the best of health last year, so between us, we never got to meet up.
Oooh, someone has a hat stand growing out of their head. No wonder she hasn't been very well


  1. Oh bless her, she looks lovely, especially with hat stand millinery!!! How cool that your leotard met with him!!!! You are such an interestin person!x

  2. Sorry to hear that Trevors Mum has been poorly she looks so lovely on the photo bless her. Loving the hat stand as you know me :-) Good to see you looking so well lovely, dee xx

  3. Ah, what lovely memories and the hat stand is superb!

  4. Wow, you've certainly done some interesting things in your life, haven't you? You could write a book! x

  5. wow thats a little claim to fame of a fabulous star that will be sadly missed. you are looking very well my dear and glad you had fun with the hat stand and your friend ... happy new year xx