Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BEDM - Day 27 "Hometown"

 I've really fallen off the wagon with this BEDM malarkey.
So, in an effort to at least do a blog post, I created these collages of my garden. is where I live!
cherries, pears, raspberries & strawberries in there somewhere
My home town does have these though!
Concrete shoes! Well, Northampton is the 'shoe town'!
And it's the home of 'The Saints' Rugby Club, who do lovely firework displays, that I can watch from my back door.
we also have 'Castle Carlsberg'
I don't use pesticides, but having seen what some frickin' slug has done to one of my 2 lupins, I could be very tempted to start!
I hope he had a really bad stomach ache after that meal!
 Oh, and we have the 'Northampton Lighthouse'.
It used to be a testing building for Express Lifts. At Christmas it has a tree made out of coloured lights on top, which, again, I can see from the back door.
If you ever come to visit my home town be sure to let me know!


  1. You've got a wonderful garden, and I love the concrete shoes! xxx

  2. Thank you! I do only photograph the 'good' bits, but, slowly, we're getting back to a lush oasis, having taken down the gazebo and taken up the wooden futon bases! It was a godsend when we had the renovation done, but, OMG, it's taking a long time to get it OK again!
    Those shoes are wild aren't they? They in an area of maisonettes near Churches Shoes, which are named with shoemaking terms, Buckle, Stirrup, Cordwainer and Stitchman.

  3. I love your collage! It is so nice to see a lush garden. the shoes are pretty cool too! I feel the same about slugs, really worried about what they are doing to all my crops (and lack of water) whilst I'm away!x