Friday, 19 June 2015

Bringing Royal Ascot Home

 Mr B found me this (complete with record) in Cancer Research on Corporation Street in Birmingham.
A chazzer in Brum town centre! {{{looks shocked}}}

Yes. It really does!
Need to get the old record player, (remember them?), out of storage for this!

And just to get into the mood I would fancy wearing this hat that I saw on the Daily Mail website.

It is one of those ones that I think "wish I'd made that". Those seashells...swoon.
Hope to ultimately find out more about its' provenance.
Love it.
I 'put up with' Gok Wan doing the blurb on the Channel 4 TV coverage. Did get fed up with him doing everything on telly, but I do like his enthusiasm when doing this.
Today he did a piece on Catherine Walker and filmed in the atelier; goodness, that took me back. It looked exactly the same as when I worked there. It was a lovely piece, and, seeing that Claire Balding has worn 2 outfits from there this week and looked very smart, quite an apt segment.
Wheee...this time next week I'll be (probably) all of a twizzle on my way to the airport!
They did woad dying yesterday, which I'm really looking forward to doing and have picked out 2 shirts that I want to dye.
Exciting times ahead!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Liz pops into that BHA chazza on a daily basis as she works round the corner, they do have some really good stuff!
    Love that hat! xxx

  2. OH that hat is amazing!!!!! I'd love a statement hat like that (but not one with curls or bows they're horrid!)- that one is unique- mind you, where would I wear it!
    That record is brilliant, hope you enjoy it!x