Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Who's Irresistible?

Well, that'll be me then, with my new hair extensions in!
I have been very kindly offered a chance to try 'IrresistibleMe' hair extensions.
They arrived this morning, a superfast delivery from China, only ordered on Friday, and it was a much welcome surprise.
In the box you get a sample piece which is what I have used here. Even in my sleepy, anti-biotic induced haze, I could easily clip in the piece and twirled it up so Mr B could get a photo.

There is a myriad of colour in my hair, so I chose a colour that I thought matched my natural-ish hair colour. In the top picture, (of me), it is quite clear where the extension is, but once swirled in with my hair, I think it blends in brilliantly.
There are quite a few Youtube vids, but this one is great in that it shows you the hair colours next to one another, so you can tell the difference in shades. I can't wait to watch a few to get some great styling tips!

 Having not got to Festival of Quilts, due to amongst other things, tonsillitis(!), I have been feeling a bit rough.
So, these pictures are just a teaser for a proper, in-depth review, when I feel a bit more up-to-it!


  1. Oooh, they sound intriguing!!! Can't wait to see the end result!!x

  2. Well look at you going all Essex glam with your hair extensions! I have a faux ponytail that I wear to do a bun esq up do which is a great time saver.

    Victoria x