Monday, 2 November 2015

BEDN - November 1

I have an inkling that the subject matter for Day 1 is something 'new' about yourself; I can't get the Google calendar to download!
But if you are a new reader then everything about "Pennyblossoms" will be new to you!
I am already running a day late! Ha Ha!
We actually spent the 1st travelling back on a bloomin' cold train from Plymouth. We left in T-shirt weather and gradually added more and more items of clothing. Eventually I got my big coat out of my suitcase. Yeah, that cold! All manner of 'reasons' given...old-style train, busy train and the thermostat was the front end of the train, they'll try switching it off and on again! Funny when it's 'The IT Crowd', not so good when you are trying not to get cold!
Cheers Cross-Country, (very cross indeed!), Trains.

We didn't get home until late in the evening to find a phone message about the carers looking after Mr Bs' dad had double-dosed all his meds on Saturday afternoon. The medication is in blister packs and they are supposed to record everything they do, so how on earth that happened Heaven knows!
Of course, late Sunday night, pretty impossible to get hold of anyone! So, this morning cue a very red-hot line to everyone - doctor, chemist, care team (maybe need to change that name!), manager of the sheltered housing. Everybody.
Poor old Mr B, had to travel to Belfast this afternoon, so there was barely a free moment. All OK and he is safely there now. Hurrah! And Phew!
So, what about me? Two loads of washing later, I still haven't made much of a hole in the mountain of washing! Because, of course, not only is there what was worn in Plymouth, there is what Mr B had in Sunderland too! Six pairs of jeans and a dozen assorted black tops...only another million loads to go!
And new? Well, I'm getting a new crown fitted at the dentist tomorrow!

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  1. Really sorry to hear about your father in laws double dosing what is wrong with carers Christ even when I was a carer and administering drugs on the night rounds we always got everything double checked by another worker. That's the only trouble going away the washing when you return :-( good luck at the dentist, dee xx