Friday, 18 December 2015

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 11

 Gosh, the penultimate picture day.

Bristol Temple Meads was the first place that Tabby decided to come out of the travel box on the train.
It started a long list of names...including Tabby Temple Meads and Tabby Turtleneck!
Once she tried out train travel on the seat, she was hooked. We only allowed her out on the long journeys, where there were the bigger carriages, that didn't have exit doors to the platforms, when the train stopped. I don't think she would've ever made a run for it, mainly because she was too comfy!
She did once get the 'run' of a carriage, when we were the only people in it and for some reason, that I can't remember, it was 'locked' so that it couldn't be accessed because we were stopping at a short platformed station, I think.
She had a little mosey around and then came back and curled up with us!

Bristol Temple Meads board by her ear


  1. Bless her! She seemed to be enjoying the journey!
    She looks do much like my Lucy. (Lucy is on my 'Wallpaper' on my blog).
    Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Ahhhhhh!!! She looks like she had a good journey!!x