Monday, 1 February 2016

I Wash My Face With Turkish Delight

 Okay! So anything that comes in a heart-shaped box is a winner with me!
 Mr B brought this home for me, as a surprise, just before he went away on tour to Southampton.

The day before we had mooched around Sainsbury's getting in a weeks supply of shopping to keep me going.
I fancied a new bubble bath, so checked out the display. Instead of a feel-good factor, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choice. So much so, that I nearly burst into tears!
I have had this in the past, so bad that I end up leaving what shopping I have chosen, behind. Just TOO MUCH to comprehend, to take in, to choose. My brain just goes into meltdown. It doesn't happen much now, thank goodness, only when I have to buy eggs. Goodness me, how many different eggs can there be? It was easy when it was just small, medium and large. Yeah, I picked medium of course!!
The Velvety Hand Cream gets a thumbs up, it is rich and luxurious, and I am in love with the Foaming Creamy Bath Soak. Can't wait to try out the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, as I have never tried a self-warming mask before, and as it is one of the items that Caroline Hirons recommends from The Body Shop, I think this Sanctuary version should be good too.
The lily and rose collection hasn't been tried out yet, but smells divine, the aroma just wafting out from the box as I have walked past. Mmmm.
I forgot to add this when I did my photographs as it was already ensconced in the bathroom!
Moisture Burst Facial Wash also in the box. Smells like you are washing your face with Turkish Delight. You might not like that idea, but it smells glorious!
And if I ever get my vintage rescued rose-covered door handle fitted here is the perfect thing to hang on it!
 All in all, box of yummy delights. And not a tear in sight!
Sanctuary With Love Gift Set, £22.00, (worth £46.00), (bargain!!), (I know, I looked it up to get the link!), from Boots


  1. Oooh, nice present!!!! Yes, there is a lot of choice nowadays!!! I try to use shower gels without Sodium LAureth Sulphate in, so that vastly limits the choice!x

    1. It may be worth checking out Caroline Hirons site. She is a professional skincare expert, with oodles of experience. But if you're wary of ingredients, she is great at review things in-depth, with lists of what's included. Her knowledge is immense and her attitude is kick-ass. Yes, she is my new girl crush! But have a little lookie! or her Youtube vlogs are really funny,
      You're welcome!

    2. oohhh lovely :-) I had some of these products for Christmas last year they were gorgeous. You enjoy them lovely, dee xx

  2. I'm totally up for washing my face with something that smells like Turkish Delight! Excellent do not disturb sign too, I approve of all those caveats!

  3. What a lovely gift and you're absolutely right there is far too much choice these days, its difficult to choose the right items sometimes xx