Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Inside The Rabbit-Proof Fence

I was putting away my Britains Garden, (or sorting it out after the storm), and I thought 'I have rabbits, I know who likes rabbits. And I've got crocuses too!'
Fellow blogger, Kezzie, has just moved house and was chuffed to bits with her new garden.
So in my version of a
"Welcome To Your New Home" card,
 I give you...
The little quarter bed between the shed and the swing chair has croci in the front and by the wonders of this toy, delphinium at the back! Also in bloom all at the same time(!), a bit like Chelsea, I like to think, sunflowers, red rose bushes and hollyhocks.
I thought Kezzies' husband would appreciate a 'man-cave', aka a shed!
Having just seen pictures of the real garden I am chuffed to see the same fencing panels. I could've also added a birdbath and a small section of pergola to replicate the archway.
Looking forward to reading and seeing stories of your new home, Kezzie!


  1. Awwww, that is so sweet!!! Thank you dear Zoe!!!Xx

  2. Ahh, my mum has a Britain's garden somewhere, but I can't remember the last time I saw it. In the attic, no doubt.

  3. I love seeing your garden, I had one of these with loads of parts, I was bought quite a lot of it as we had no garden I think but alas it's no longer my grandma got rid when I left home (I was granny reared) mores the pity.