Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Storm Imogen Hits Britains Garden

There's been a bit of a whirlwind in the front room of chez Pennyblossoms.
Call it the Storm Imogen effect!
Oh my! The pergola's off for a stroll.
(don't know where the Christmas lights window hanger-upper blew in from) 

How ever is the table and parasol still upright?
(Umm, is that a pair of legs peeping out there?)

'Man with a Rake' seems to have taken a tumble!
But 'Old Man' seems to be hanging onto the bench with grim determination.
He'd only stopped tinkering with the mower to sit down and have a cuppa!
'Swan' seems to have just missed being trapped under the pergola debris.
At least the dovecot is still standing and the honey bees haven't been disturbed.

Collie Dog is guarding that tea tray with his life!

Er, where's the greenhouse roof gone?
'Man with Rake' needs emergency help!
Actually, it's my furry gilet that is the culprit, as every time I walk past my display, it just flips out and takes a fair bit of garden with it!
I hope all you readers have kept safe from 'Imogen' and all this stonking bad weather.
Roll on Summer!


  1. Ha ha ha!!!! I liked this!!!! Where did this come from? Did you make it!?!?!?x

  2. This is so cute. We dodged the real storm Imogen :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Oh I think I remember playing with one of these gardens when I was little! Might have been my mum's. What fun!

  4. love this! Makes me want to dig out mine and have a play !