Friday, 5 February 2016

Well, You Make Me Wanna Shout

I took over one hundred and thirty photographs last week, of all this 'beauty' stuff, all ready to do lots of posts and it's still  taken me a week to do a new post.
I'm just not feeling the blog love.
Another box of 'goodies' that I had the fortune to receive was the Lulu's Time Bomb 5 Piece Star Power Skincare Collection from QVC, when it was on a TSV, (Today's Special Value, which means it is sold at a reduced price). At 80 quid, full price, this is what I would call mega-pricy and I don't know if I would actually ever buy it at its' full price, even though I really love all the products.
 (Yes, this was a pressie I chose and ordered for myself, but Mr B did wrap it up for me!)

QVC has a lot of user reviews and this seems to be a Marmite product.
 Lots of 5's, the top score, but also lots of 1's.
Personally, I really, really enjoy these items. I have used Clinique for donkeys years, and then a while back I tried out  some of the No 7 range from Boots. Both these ranges are fragrance-free, which for a lot of people is a number one priority. But these items all have fragrances - it just makes me think of essential oils and having a really nice massage, so that is a real feel-good factor for me.
Yes, I do have her book as well
There is a specific neck/jawline/décolletage cream, Troubleshooter Neck Jaw and Chest Cream, a new face cream that is called Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue, which is meant to help with fine lines and dryness, a 'cocktail' which is like a serum and goes on under moisturiser, a denser night cream and like the previous box of tricks, a mega fantastic hand cream. This I would buy again; I feel it really helps the skin and cuticles, my 'duff' spot.
I am still terrible at 'daily ablutions', it is still a very much hit and miss affair, a hangover from the bad depression days, but I have tried more with this because I really enjoy it.
And that is half the battle, isn't it folks? 

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  1. You're right, it IS half the battle! I prefer things with a very simple fragrance like Dermalogica but I have been using natural face creams for a while which are full of natural fragrances and oils. These ones do look nice!x