Monday, 28 March 2016

A World Of Kitties

 We may have gone out and left our kitty in the hotel, but I cannot think of a better way to spend an hour than going to The Kitty Café.

These cat cafes started in Japan, I believe,
 and now seem to be infiltrating over in the UK too. There's apparently one due to open in Manchester.

But this seems such a good idea.
There is a cattery at the back and most of the cats are recue cats and if you really fall in love with one you can give it a home!!

Rene did her best to be 'feline non grata' last night, she would not stop mewing, wanting to go out into the hall, not wanting anything, wanting the shower put on so she could drink the water, although she had bottled water already down. She even just sat and yowled at me while I was sitting on the loo!

travel cat and companions
Of course, she just sleeps all through the day, doesn't she!!
Still, she had an exciting journey from the rail station to the hotel on the tram!! And we went on the travellator at Manchester station.

So, it's been an exciting time for a little kitty.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Resurrection Shuffle

Greetings from Nottingham.

We arrived yesterday evening after a bit of an annoying train journey.

Sadly we missed The Nottingham Panthers winning their ice hockey match, but by the time I hit the hotel I was zonked!

We had a little rest and then went to The Cross Keys for a great meal. This was our 'local' the last time we were here and the scene of my 'Bloody Brigadoon' moment, here.

It was that good that we booked in for Sunday lunch today and it was awesome! So good I forgot to take pictures!!

If there is one day of the year to wear my beloved rosaries today is it. I am not majorly religious in any way, but I love these two items and their unknown history. The dark one I bought in Plymouth and was told it was very, very old and the pale one I bought from Briony at the Vintage Fair a while back and is French.

Mr B goes into work tomorrow evening, so we have another 'holiday' day together, which will be lovely.
Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Monday!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Tea Wars

I think there may be a storm brewing!!

Although I don't drink tea, Mr B seems to have acquired quite a selection!
Yorkshire, Lancashire, West Country and Ty-phoo.
The little bottle green tin on the top shelf is Lady Grey.

If ever you visit, you know you will be assured of a nice cuppa!

Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Remembering Tabby

One year on.

Still so missed.
RIP my little Tabby cat.