Saturday, 1 July 2017

Well, Hello There

It has been nigh on impossible to write a blog post when I really haven't done anything!
Y'know...I got up, played Solitaire on the laptop, did some gardening, went to sleep.
Not exactly gripping, is it?

But things are looking up. Yay! I have been out of the house three days running.
(Not actually running, tho'!)

It started with a doctors appointment on Wednesday, with my actual GP. I was shocked to work out that the last time I had left the house was my last GP visit, that was 25 May.
That's basically a whole month! Wowsers.

So, having got out, we did a 'big' shop at Sainsbury's and had tea there. I get their egg, ham and chips, but ask for the ham to go. I'd never eat all that and the ham makes a couple of delicious sarnies the following day! Result!

broad beans have such pretty flowers
Thursday a friend of ours, drove over from Leicester. She was meeting someone for lunch near to us, so we had coffee and cake at the M&S café. She must be late 80s and is quite amazing. If I was only half as active as she is I would be chuffed with myself!!

Yesterday we went into town to sort out my phone. I'd dropped it on the garden path and smashed the glass, trying to get a photo of 2 planes flying together, which looked a bit odd ie I'd never seen anything like that fly over us before.

Turned out, (I'm guessing), to be an Atlas and a Hercules practising their formation for The Queens' birthday flypast!

So on that note I shall sign off, but I'll be back soon!

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