Friday, 1 December 2017

(What Is) Black & White (& Red All Over)*

I was recently tagged on Facebook to post 7 black & white photos. I think it was supposed to be 7 consecutive days, rather than the month it took me!
There were stacks of acrylic chairs backstage at The Derngate, ready to be put out for some presentation evening.

A trip to Abington Park after my annual trip to see the dentist, and this year it really has been one visit, as opposed to going so often over the previous 2 years I felt the dentists' chair should have my name plaque on it!

A rose from the garden.

Rene curled up on the bed.

A piece of Lulus' birthday cake!!

One last sweet pea that is, even several days later, still going strong through all this cold and miserable weather.

The neighbours' cat, Alan.

He is so cute but Rene is not keen on him at all, which is a shame. He likes to go out and about to get away from the other 3 cats they have. Still, he knows he's welcome here and he can just curl up on the lounger and not be disturb.

I just thought that some of these photographs should be shown in all their technicolour beauty. I've only been in the house once. It had worn wooden floors that took me right back to being in school in Devon.

Our little Rene babes. Poor love, she is having to have a thyroid medication on her food twice a day for the rest of her life as she has developed a goitre. She also has to have blood tests every 3 months which means just as her fur grows back she has to have it shaved again!

Mr B is working at our local theatre, The Derngate. He took the chair picture for me. Lulu was there performing on her birthday, (68 I think she was...amazing!), and Mr B brought me home his piece of cake. I thought the cork having the 'A' on it was quite funny. The cake was very tasty.

My garden has been a source of joy this year, as always. Fragrant flowers are gorgeous so roses and sweet peas have to a number one priority.

* A Newspaper

I am going to have another go at BEDD, Blog Every Day in December. You never know, I might be more successful than last year when I managed about 7 posts!!


  1. Lovely to see you pop up! Poor Rene, one of our friend's cats suffers with his thyroid too. Alan is gorgeous! xxx

    1. It is nice to be back! I do like the 'construction' involved in blog posting. But hardly ever getting out of the flat does mean I have very little of interest to write about!! I love Alan, he is such a love. He's been noticeable by his absence, but he did have runny eyes and a yellow/green snotty nose, so we don't really want to risk him passing anything on to Rene, even though she has all her jabs done every year. Just wish his owners would do the same for him! Zxx

  2. Zoe, thank you for your kind comment! It was really nice to hear from you. Your photos are lovely! Those chairs remind me of the ones at our wedding venue! Alan is a super cute cat!