Sunday, 3 January 2021

Your crackers, M'Lord

 As I've said, it's quite hard to write about not much.

We got peckish at about 5am, and ended up eating cheese and crackers in bed, much to Grumbles delight, washed down with a coffee.

Of course, we slept for a few hours then had hot drinks and choccy croissants.

Arthur popped to Aldi for some milk. I played brain games on my phone. Got up and switched on the Chrimble lights on at the window. Don't know how that ever became a 'thing', but jolly good that they did, it's such a boost in these dark and murky days/nights.

During our cheese and biccy fest, I told Arthur about our 'midnight feasts' when I was away at school. Organised by the head of your dorm, they'd get day girls to secrete in food and soft drinks and, I don't know where, hid it all from the matrons. When I was in Downhayne, (all the dorms were named after local farms), we had everything dished out into our Sunday best green felt hats. Another dorm, the deputy dorm head, Helen, got her mum to bake a chocolate and mint cake, with buttercream and icing. It was absolutely delicious. The girls in the dorm next door ate baked beans cold from the tin.Yuck! I don't like baked beans at the best of times.

I have no suitable photo handy, so enjoy this platter of Italian pretties from years ago

Although it was generally known when we would be having our feast, if you got caught, all the food was confiscated and then you had to go down to the dining room in the early morning and eat it all up before breakfast.

Happy days! 

(Well happy ones when I was in Devon. Not so good in Littlehampton though).


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  1. I've never met anyone who had a bonafide boarding school midnight feast! You have gone up in my esteem 10000% and you were doing well already!