Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

My mother, age 20.

My mother's mother, on her wedding day. I never knew this set of grandparents...grandma died when my mum was 16 and grandad died 3 weeks before my mum knew she was pregnant with me.

Great grand parents outside their home. They both worked at Lister's in Bradford. GGD was apparently one of the founding members of the Independent Labour Party. I guess he must have rolled in his grave with the election of Tony Blair!

I had the delight of meeting the lady who lived here. She was so kind and invited me in and we had a great chat. We kept in touch for several years until, I presume, she passed away. The house looked exactly the same from the front, but had been now had an inside loo and bathroom!

So, three generations of Mothers and then there was me!! But my cats will help me celebrate!!
Z xx


  1. What wonderful photos. Your Mum was beautiful and your grandparent's wedding photo is exquisite. Love the picture of your Great-Grandparents outside their pretty house, too.
    My cats forgot what day it was! x

  2. aahh Zoe, what amazing photo's ;-) Your mother was so beautiful bless her what a lovely photo. And your Great grand parents wedding looked very grand. Don't you just love the sytle of dress then. The one thing i loved before the 90's hit is that you can date the past up until that point by the style of fashion they wore you can date the photo's. Thank you for sharing those they are wonderful. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  3. Ohhh I love old photos and your mum looks super glam. The cats got my mum a mothers day pot plat. Cats are clever things x

  4. O,I'm loving these beautiful pix!!!
    Your Mama was a hottie!
    The wedding photo really rocks my socks,I love 20's fashions!

  5. What beautiful photographs of your family. Have a fantastic week.
    Jo xx

  6. Beautiful beautiful photographs, your mother was a real beauty, and I love your grandparents' wedding picture. Such a dreamy look.

  7. It is always fascinating looking through old photos, especially if they are your family! What was the year of the wedding pictured? I love the suits!

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  8. What beautiful photos, I wish we had more old photos of our family. I really adore that style wedding gown, its similar to the one the queen mum wore xx