Friday, 19 February 2010

Do you see what I see?

Now, I know about reading tealeaves. In fact, when I was a child I had mine done; and they were scarily accurate. (Even though I have never drunk tea. I just made a cup, swirled it and tossed the liquid away!)
But do you see a Canadian maple leaf in the bottom of my mug?
(I know, its' not the sharpest of pictures.)
I was so looking forward to the Winter Olympics, but it just hasn't captured my imagination this year, which is a shame. I'm not fussed over the regular Olympics, but ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding-I'm hooked. I can't do any of them, but boy, I love to watch. When we lived in Southsea, we used to go over to the Isle of Wight to watch the Wightlink Raiders ice hockey team. It was brilliant.
A better week this week. More constructive which is always a good thing. And it was still light at about 5 o'clock this evening. Weee, Spring may just be on its' way. (Yes, I do have snow on my garden!)

Been a bit slow leaving comments recently...will try to better.

Take care all, have a good weekend.
Z x

Monday, 15 February 2010

Stupid Cupids' Weekender

This is a phone shot of the Bantam Cock. There was a spur of the moment Bicycle Basket Bazaar there this Saturday. It is a really lovely place and we will go there again.

So, what did we buy?

A 'lurve-bread', from new face on the block, Wendy. Gosh, she's a good bread maker. This had lemon peel in and was drizzled in icing.

Sorry, what did you say? Oh, the Battenberg parcel? What, you'd like to see what it is?
My Valentine gift...a little peek then...

How cute, yet somehow disturbing!! There are some great pictures and really clever ideas using all sorts of stuff.

Mind you, can't beat one of Tams' cupcakes...yummy.

Z x

Thursday, 11 February 2010


So very sad.

Lee (Alexander) McQueen

Z x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Spit Spot

Especially for my new follower, Mary Poppins.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Ice ice baby

This was a dish of yummyness! Made with condensed milk from a recipe I found on I had a quick look at a regular recipe-dissolve granulated sugar in water etc., and this is much simpler; but I found it does require a bit of welly in the mixing stakes. (Begone! you bingo wings!). But definitely worth it!

On a totally different level, I cannot believe that Mr Blossom forgot to tell me that the company he works for won a South Bank Show Award. I was in the kitchen faffing about at the time and he called me in to watch. So, congratulations to them.

And for all you local bakers out there, check out

Cupcakes at the ready!

Went to Bicycle Basket Bazaar on Saturday; will try and post some piccies of my finds!
And finally, a big welcome to my first overseas follower, Aimee. She can be found here
and is well worth a butchers. Oo, lovely, lovely things!

Oh yes...I've found out how to link and I'm gonna use it!
Have fun, Zoe x