Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Cheeky Little Monkee

It is with a heavy heart that I post this, having just read that Davy Jones died of a heart attack, aged just 66.
Probably my first 'crush'. Saw them play live in Portsmouth several years ago, ('96?). Ah, happy memories.
Z xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Thank You, Dee Dee

OOO, such a pretty parcel!

A card with lovely personal wishes inside and words to live by on the front.

Oh my! The cutest little hanging heart and the softest scarf imaginable.

So, there is only really one place for my hanging heart to go!

With the others!! The two red ones are from TKMaxx/Homesense and the two in the middle are handmade and I bought them from Sharon at Clover Cottage/Shabby Polka Dots.

There is good reason why I am not a supermodel!!This is the best picture of about a dozen that I took...just look at that scarf instead! Ooo, softy, comfy-cosy. Mmmm, me likey!

Thank you ever so much Dee, I love my pressies and so well chosen. You know me too well!!
Z xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

In & Out of Vogue

Just a taster here, girls (and boys?).
Does anyone local fancy a stash of old Vogues?

There's a mix mainly American, over several years, tho' no complete year runs.

I haven't sorted them out, hence no photo or anything. I've just run out of space and don't want to chuck 'em out, as that seems such a waste.

I say 'local' as it would be beyond expensive to post them anywhere!! But if you've got transport and wouldn't mind coming to collect, then no probs!

Any takers? I can add photos/more info once I've had a sort thru'.

Going to see if the hospital may take them, but if anyone out there is a budding fashiony something, then they may be of use.

Z xx

Friday, 17 February 2012


A couple of bargain sale (75% off!) hair flowers from Abakahn in Manchester.
Now I can follow in the footsteps of The Stylist and her Mum, (OMG...Desiree is doing a giveaway of 2 of these headbands!!!! Hyperventilate!! Hyperventilate!!) and Pete Burns!

I bought this ring at Bank at the Trafford Centre. I absolutely love this on me, but I bought it to replace...

...the missing rose from this clutch bag!

I loved the Alexander McQueen clutches long before he passed away and now they top over a grand a bag. My bag was a tenner add the ring=bargain. But now I need to find a bit of bling to use instead of the ring!

Having mentioned Pete Burns, here's a very poor photo of my pink sequined heart brooch as sported on the DOA cover.

Mr B bought me this when we lived in London c1989. It came from Wayne Hemingway's Covent Garden store, Red or Dead. (HE of the Vintage Fair held at Goodwood. Mind you, on getting the link it seems there may've been a bit of 'falling out'!). It is signed, Michael 'something'! I know the info is on the album cover, but that's not to hand, so will add it as an edit, as and when.

Pink, sequins, heart. What's not to love?
Z xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

MH-The First Time

Seeing as I didn't get to the Fair on Saturday, I thought I'd download pictures from the very first Fair held at Market Harborough, that I don't believe I ever published.

Tea Room...but I think they now do the 'Vintage' one, as at Northampton. Oo, homemade cream meringues. Heaven!

If anyone recognises who these beautiful shoes belong to, or where they are from, please let me know!

No, someone didn't bring a bed to the Fair! This is my favouritest shop in MH, Anne Karin. She will also come and design your interiors too. Can you imagine how beautiful they would be?

I think this is from an Asian wedding. Just the most stunning embroidery. When I win The Lottery, this will come home with me!

We have one of the stone 'Victoria' angels that is in the centre of this picture. Weighs a ton and I managed to catch my jumper on her and pulled her over! Luckily just a wing broke off and she was promptly moved to the porch window sill, out of the way, but on view. Then the Asian kiddies called her 'gay' cos she has a boob on display(!), so at the moment she is languishing in our lock-up!

We always used to eat at Webbs, just tucked behind Anne's, but this has changed hands and is now Milo's.

Our belated lunch. Or maybe tea!

My ploughman's.

Mr B's quiche.

Me, grinning in anticipation!

And in a prequel to St Valentines' Day...a hand-painted cherub from the ceiling of Anne Karin.
I love you all, my bloggy friends, old and new. (Will do a proper welcome to my newbie Followers at some point, but thanks for clicking that 'Follow' button, I really do appreciate it!).
Z xx

(Had a crap weekend; never been so happy for a Monday to come around! Still dragging myself around today...still, I guess it can [hopefully] only improve!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

It seems a bit freaky that that last post had RIP in its' title and featured the 02.

When I had pieced them together, I was going to post another film of all the signed posters on the walls backstage by the dressing rooms. It was going to include this piece, but in view of the sad news, this is shown on its' own.

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Friday, 10 February 2012

RIP Millenium Dome. Long Live The 02 Arena!

If you have read my earlier posts you may recall that we spent Christmas in London because Mr B was working here.

The Main Entrance.

The Foyer.
(The bar where we partied is just to the right of here.)

The view back to where you come in.

But, of course, this being Pennyblossoms, you go in here!

And you can see things like this...

...that are at the bottom of these...

light wands

flight cases full of expensive lighting kit and stuff

Mr B spent New Years Eve doing this! Although he and his props where actually in the bit known as The Bubble.

So, seeing as we are in a Hard Hat Area it seems fitting to post this...

...and these, which was a pack of chocolate tools!

That was at the end of last year. Tomorrow I hope to get to here.

Seeing as I missed the Jumble in January I am in need of a good dose of Vintage and a natter with all me blogging mates! We travel over by coach; the journey is always picturesque, but with the added delight of a layer of snow it should be absolutely delightful.
Can't wait!
Z xx

Edit: Nahh! Of course, ga-ga brain here! They actually did the get-out the day before NYE, didn't they! And it was dancers' class that was in The Bubble. The props were packed up in an indoor trailer parking area!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Thursday, 2 February 2012


So, to keep those of you who asked, happy, here's a peek at my smashing gifts from (very kind) fellow bloggers.

First off a parcel all the way from Christy in Iowa.

Edibles, (always good!)...the cow poo is choccy-covered pralined peanuts. Totally delish! Salted soy nuts, a bit like salted peanuts but better for me.

Since receiving these I have read that soy is good for menopausal 'things'. Now, seeing I went into the bathroom twice last night to get a loo roll and both times forgot why I'd gone in there, I think I need as much help as possible! Thru' reading blogs I have come across the phrase 'baby brain' quite a few times. Seems you can get the same type of thing at the far end of the spectrum too. Having mentioned to my GP that I seemed to getting really forgetful and she said it can happen with the peri-menopause. Bleeding heck, I know I haven't had children but us ladies don't half seen to get a rum deal, don't we?

The other 'foodie' item was the Microwave Popcorn on the Cob. That sounds like a really neat idea. I adore homemade popcorn. Just plain. Yum!

Also this brilliant cream, which I have let Mr B commandeer for his hands, which is why it wasn't in the main photo. I also received a bar of lavender and basil soap. I haven't used this as soap yet. I have kept it by my bed as it smells so gorgeous!

Christy and her husband chose things from their local area and their Farmers Market, so I got a little taste of Des Moins, which I thought was a really lovely idea.

A close-up of my very own flying pig. So cute! I also have a treasured picture from Christy's son, Willie, which I posted about here.

I'm sure you can tell this was one of my gifts from Vix. A handmade calico shopper with a zippy-mouthed skull! This was used a lot while I was in Manchester.

Also included in my dotty gift bag was a black glittery eye pencil, a rather lush lilac nail polish, (oh my, how rough are my fingernails?), one of her (I think) mums' rings, (I feel very blessed to have had this gifted to me), and a rather fab brooch, which I think goes rather well on my dusky black velvet jacket.

Precious ring and yummy-coloured nail varnish.

Pretty engraved brooch.

And not forgetting this wonderful black lace, (wasn't that a band?), collar. I've seen Danielle wear something like this, tho' hers was attached to a dress, and thought it looked really good, so now I've got my own! Can have lots of fun styling that up!

So, there you have it!
Lucky, lucky me being spoilt rotten by a couple of wonderful bloggy friends.
Dare I say it, like the L'oreal ad, I'm worth it!
Z xx

Enter the Dragon

We had intended to come home from Manchester on Sunday. Thank goodness we didn't. It was the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, across the road from our hotel. I think the actual day was the previous Monday, so it was a surprise when we heard the drumming from the procession as we headed out of the door! Didn't really see much, but it sounded fantastic!

The Dragon illuminated at night.

Fireworks AND tram!
(I have tried to download a film of the fireworks to no avail, so will try again tomorrow)

Can't beat a lantern. Except with a string of lanterns!

Moody side street.

Yay! More lanterns and a Mini!
Click to Mix and Solve
And now a little admission! My total weakness is a site called 'Jigzone'. Everyday a new jigsaw with a choice of how many pieces. Today's was this one and you can follow the link by clicking on the arrow, bottom left-hand corner. Enjoy!
Z xx