Friday, 21 February 2014

"please, have a sweet from Ukraine" (edited)

Many years ago, Mr B was ASM for a contemporary dance company and was lucky enough to visit Kiev and Moscow as part of a 5 week tour. This was when Russia was still known as CCCP, it was that long ago (1990); the very first McDonalds had only just opened in Moscow.
looking up to the hotel from the square

They went to Kiev first and stayed in the Hotel Ukrania. It has been very upsetting to see the horror unfold in this city, that had welcomed them with open arms.
view from the hotel to the much change, it is almost unrecognisable

The post title I have taken from this article -
{The mayhem assumed a semblance of order with the arrival of professional doctors, ambulances and medical supplies – a properly functioning field clinic. Hotel staff dispensed cheap chocolate, saying "please, have a sweet from Ukraine".}
another view looking to the right from the hotel, with the People's Friendship Arch to the top right
In amongst this hell on earth, they are still, in the smallest way possible, a sweet, trying to make people welcome.
Sadly, not dancers and technicians but life-saving medical staff.
 The visitors and home crew letting their hair down. A lot of the men had been in the Army and had been drafted back because of radiation sickness. God knows what happened to them during the years after this photo was taken...
I tend not to be political on my blog. It 's more pretty and jolly and for the most, 'fluffy'. But I want to record my life and what is happening that affects it, for whatever reason. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs nor the answers, but I want to be able to look back in years to come and remember things that have happened during my blog writing.
In the same vein, I intend to upload videos of our train journeys to Plymouth, the bits going through Dawlish. Just because...
Z xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Karate Chop!

Oh my...what have I just gone and done?
Signed up for a karate course!!
Am I mad?
Do you do karate?
Any thoughts?
Z xx
Y'know I'm just doing it for the accessories! A yellow belt for Spring - perfect!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Blue 4 U

  Of course, I am never going to wear it, but I made the mistake of saying to Mr B "ooo, a hat in that colour" and lo and behold, it appeared on the table next to me!

Sorry Mitzi, I love every aspect about you, but unless I re-model it, it is firmly staying as an
 'object d'art'!

To balance the blue a little burst of Daring Dahlia by Barielle.  A bargainous £7 box set of 5 colours from TK Maxx. It seems to have been swapped and changed by 'customers' as the box is called REDdy to Party, and having done a bit of research, the colours I've got are a bit different than those it should be; but the colours work in my favour, so hurrah!
Not a red to be seen!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Night Treat

Mr B is working up in Brum, so my little treat tonight was a yummy cupcake that was a gift from the vintage tearoom ladies yesterday.
How kind was that? (But how difficult to photograph! Not to eat though!)
The other treat is sitting back and enjoying Mr Selfridge; dazzle me! The clothes - sigh!
Ah, yes, Vix...will do photos of the goodies. I have a lot of bits to post about; been very lax, but, hopefully, I am out the other side of a rather trying time and blogging posts will be resumed. I have kept an eye on you all but have very rarely commented.
Be prepared for overflowing comment boxes!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Vintage On My Doorstep

A new experience for me; Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, held in my hometown in the most amazing building, The Guildhall.
 This must be the most exuberant setting that I can think of. Isn't it stunning?
Lights and tiles

A tearoom too!
coffee and walnut cake
carrot cake

Mr B chose blueberry and vanilla
 Phew! So much to look at and then cake too! Totes knackered.
Am now the owner of a black velvet 'drape' coat and furry aqua blue beret!
Below is a list of the various stopping off points of this happy band. Even if you only have to two quid entrance fee, pay it, and enjoy the most amazing collection of vintage clothing and accessories you could imagine! Think of it as an amazing travelling clothing museum and if you spot something you really fall in love with, you have the opportunity to buy it and take it home with you!

 Have a great weekend. I'm off to catch some zzzz's.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Cowbells At The Ready

All hail The Winter Olympics!

I will be glued to the TV for the forseeable future!!
Z xx