Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Also (heart) The Trafford Centre!

Sorry, but I have to admit I am a HUGE sucker for this amazing building.

"Hold Fast That Which Is Good"

Lions, marble, gold...apart from the rain, (well, it IS Manchester!), what's not to like?

Come on in to my humble abode.

A little dark? Let me put the lights on.

Are these real???

This is the main 'eating area', The Orient. Although you cannot see it clearly the 'sky' changes, going through a whole days cycle...light to dark with the most amazing starry sky. This is probably my most favourite thing! Some of you will recognise it as the place that Gok Wan has held some of his 'Naked Catwalks', so to speak!

You cannot believe how excited I was to spy the Guess shop. If there is such a thing of Life After Death, I would like to come back as a Guess model!!! Love their stuff; too big to fit into it, but still managed to buy a bag and a necklace! I had a lovely assistant look after me, a bit like Nancy Dell' olios' younger, prettier sister! She was brilliant!

In fact, I love this place so much, I came back again with Mr B and he did photos. Me with my new haircut and colour. Ooo, short!
Z xx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hello! It's Me!

Quick message here, before my laptop gets so hot it turns itself off!

I am in Manchester until Sunday, with Mr B who is working at The Lowry.

Internet access is a bit hit and miss and my laptop is playing silly bu**ers again!

So, I am still breathing but feel a bit like I've lost the use of a limb for a few days!

Z xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Step Out Of Christmas

Tonight is Twelfth Night, so it's tatty-bye to the Christmas decs until the end of the year! (Well, maybe November, if I get organised enough!)

As we were away we didn't put much up at home, just a few bits, including this amazing pink, pre-lit tree. (Bought for a fiver at WH Smiths in their sale last January).

This was our hotel room in London. We had a tiny pink feather tree, also bought for a fiver from WH Smiths last January!

It was great having the ledge above the tele to put the cards up on, almost like having a mantelpiece! (Which we don't have at home. Hence the novelty factor for us!)

I took the photo with the credits of EastEnders because it shows the O2 and the area we were staying, so it made a poignant memento. Soppy, or what?

So, let's see the Festive season out with a bang, with the incomparable Elton John!

Only how many days to go...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Not-Quite-Wicker Wednesday 17

This was going to be one of the final WW blow-outs of 2011, but although I'd got everything downloaded onto my laptop before I went away, when I tried to piece it altogether in London, well, the unsecured internet access wouldn't let me!

A rather dusty, fairly ordinary Ruffino bottle.

But turn it around...and lo and behold...Pavarottis' autograph!

He was singing "L'Elisir d'Amore", (Elixir of Love), at the Royal Opera House.

At one point he strolled across the stage with a couple of these bottles slung over his shoulder.
Mr B was working at the ROH and got tickets for me and mum to watch the General. This is a rehearsal performance and sometimes the songs (or dance, if ballet), are just marked out. But the wonder that was Pavarotti sang it all. Beautifully. It was wonderful!

I believe there is a video made by Whickers World of Pavarotti preparing to perform at Pangkor Laut, but I can't find any snippets of film for love nor money! So, I've found a little taster insert for TV to advertise his Hong Kong programme instead.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Wishing you all the very best health, wealth and happiness for 2012!

My knitted friend was made by Carol and purchased at one of Northampton's Vintage Fairs. I fell in love with him and I don't even drink tea! He is plonked, rather unceremoniously, on an old lampshade next to my chair so that I can enjoy him every day. (Do I really have to tuck him away come Twelfth Night?).

Z xx