Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wicker Wednesday 5

Rene enjoying our Indian Summer weather.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tuesday Titter

I have meaning to write this down since the end of August!

Michelle, of hello lovely inc, had written this post, with the phrase 'lady cave', as in the female version of a mans' 'den'. Thinking she had come up with a really neat description, she just double checked with urbandictionary, a handy search engine that I never knew existed.

I will leave it to your imagination!!

Then, Penny Dreadful posted about their new feline companion, Elsa. She mentioned that they had bought some cat grass, and commented on its' brand name.

To which Helga left the comment

"Haha, pussy lawn!! Gonna get mine whipped off today......."

Sometimes, I think I should just call this blog Vulgar Woman!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011


She's got the motorbike beat...

Helga von Trollop
posted a photo shoot with a Norton. The pictures brought to mind another fashion icon, Fay Fife, from The Revillos. It was Fay on the back of Eugene Reynolds bike that Helga reminded me of. The Rezillos (as they were), came from Edinburgh and wore wraparound sunglasses.

When a few of us went to the Earls Court Bike Show, years ago, Paul, who was on crutches at the time, bought a pair of green plastic wraparounds, they went perfectly with his white linen suit. These were the days of "The Wedge", which was a haircut (usually dyed burgundy).

I had read that The Rezillos used to travel around Edinburgh in a fleet of Bubble cars. Mrs B met up with sarahcarolmakes, (Mrs Jolly's Bubblecar), at yesterdays Vintage Fair. "This must be Guest Post Blogger" said Carol; yes, "It's That Man Again" (ITMA), for all you Vintage fans out there!

Mrs B bought a fabulous reindeer tea cosy from Carol and she doesn't even drink tea!

It was probably the same Revillos interview that followed the band when they went to Blackpool. This time in one of those classic Citroen's with air suspension. One of the Revettes overdid it on the roller coaster. Too much Scuba Scuba at The Pleasure Beach.

Best wishes to Danielle, A blog from Blackpool and Claire (Cameron Poe), I have too many shoes. (A picture of Fay Fife's pink propeller boots to follow, when we have relocated the power lead to the scanner!)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wicker Wednesday 3

A proper theatrical skip! I was going to call it a hamper...but have been 'advised' that hampers are for picnics!!

Never heard of anyone being born backstage in a theatrical skip though. In films it's always a hamper!

Enjoy your weekly dose of Mr Whicker!

Z xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lucky Seat Number

A few weeks ago, Mrs B was looking at Penny Dreadful Vintage. Retro Pigeon had made 70s style animal cushions from vintage fabrics. One of these was a lion cushion that looked like Parsley, from The Herbs. Mrs B started to search for the"I'm Bayleaf, I'm the gardener" song and I got The Herbs video (that we just 'happen' to own), to compare the likeness.

The search took us to YouTube and we watched the opening sequences of Stingray, 2 versions of The Banana Splits, Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog, Robinson Crusoe, Captain Pugwash, Mrs B's favourites - White Horses and Follyfoot, followed by a complete episode of Ivor the Engine. (Welsh accent) ..."What have you come for Jones?" "What have you got?" "I've only got coal." "Coal it is then!"

(Mrs B and a banana split! A 3rd version!)

It struck me just how much quality entertainment was available to our generation. Whilst sitting in the sun at lunch 2 weeks ago, I mentioned this to PowerPoint's dad (his now 15 year old boy gave his class a PowerPoint demonstration of a holiday trip to Paris a few years ago, and Mrs B and myself have referred to him as such, ever since). When Micheal was growing up they were re-running Captain Scarlet and Stingray, but now there are the children's TV channels, said his dad.

"How, with Fred Dineage" he said, smiling, and we both did the raised hand native American Indian greeting that was the introduction to the programme. Our younger colleagues just drank their coffee, much bemused! We talked about Jack Hargreaves, an older member of the "How" team, who ended up having his own programme, "Out of Town", which was filmed in a shed at the Southern TV Studio, Southampton.

During our time in Southsea, Mrs B went for an interview at what had become the Meridian TV Studio. Whilst crossing one of the aerial walkways, who should be coming towards her but Fred Dineage! To this day, she regrets not giving the raised hand greeting, with a deep-toned "How".

One other intro we watched on our 'YouTube venture into favourite TV', was The Double Deckers. I am sure that I saw an episode on the big screen at Saturday Morning Pictures. I only went once, to the Odeon, North End. I remember an old B&W episode of a weekly feature, with charging centurions. It was either the age of the celluloid or hand-tinting for visual effect, but the whole film had a blue tinge to it! There was also an adventure by The Children's Film Foundation. In the midst of the gaggle, of this raucous environment, came the announcement of the 'Lucky Seat Number' for which there was a prize of a big bag of sweets!

With Mrs B's re-tuning of our Freeview box, we can now pick up Meridian transmissions. Imagine our delight, when 2 weeks ago, we changed channels just in time to get Fred Dineage MBE reading the news!


OOTD Saturday 10/09/11

Friday, 9 September 2011

Does Anyone Else...

...think it ISN'T Pamela Anderson in the Big Brother house?

I hope I'm proved wrong but...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wicker Wednesday 2

A woven wicker shoe in Birmingham City Centre.
One of the exhibits in the Floral Trail.

This was taken as an OOTD photo, ooo, in July I think!
It also features another wicker display...

Sadly, during the riots, it appears that the lippy and mascara wand were ripped off. (Probably used to try and break the windows of either a sportswear or mobile phone shop, I guess!)

And, just for a giggle...

Many thanks for your kind words on my previous post. Stuff happened, as it does, but I think I'm getting all ship-shape again!

Z xx

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I think this photo taken of a hoarding near Homesense sums up how I am feeling at the moment.

Just down...don't know why. I definitely know I don't like that it is almost dark by 8:30pm! Maybe it is time to dust off the Lumie lamp!

Mr B may well be guest posting again!

I am wishing I was a 'lurker' again; I wouldn't feel 'guilty' at not getting around to commenting on all your lovely posts. So much exciting news from you (Christy), new job (Dee Dee). I just can't keep up with it all at this time. Sorry.

Z xx