Monday, 21 April 2014

Record Store Day 2014

As I turned into Merchants Arch I heard Mick Jagger singing an old blues song "I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my hand."
 His long drawling tones filled the shaded walkway and the sound drifted up between the buildings either side.
The song was coming from a speaker over the door to a staircase that led you up to Mojo's Records.

"I moved upstairs because the rent was cheaper", said the owner. I found Mojo's on my first visit to Dublin but it was after closing time.
On this sunny afternoon off I was lured back by records and posters. 
It was worth the trip to see these album covers alone...Tom Waits, Keith Richards, David Bowie-wearing a dress, Bob Dylan and The Beatles dressed like that's what I call a party!
Guest Post from Mr B, the 'birthday boy'. Not as old as The Queen but for one month only, the same age as me!
Happy Birthday Mr B!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Summer (Colour) Lovin'

This is the best I can do to say thank you to you fellow bloggy friends who wished me well with my impending tooth nightmare!
Can't quite do the bunch of flowers, so a selection of pretty flower bulbs that need to be planted up!

Working on from the last post of having buying things you might need - Mr B came home with this present for me (us?...but you know who'll be using it!) from 'techy support', Patch.
(See him here, with the 1948 Olympic Torch)
A giant 'pencil sharpener' to peel and curl your root veggies.
Now, I really like raw carrot, never eat enough of it and always tend to grate it.
(Unless they're ones I've grown then I just eat them straight out of the ground!).
So I rather like the idea of making those nice little curls that you find in arty foody pictures; a little bit more substance than grated bits.  

A rather scary-looking me planting bulbs on Christmas Day 2013. As always, a bit late planting, but I'd picked these packets up really cheap in Homebase; bluebells, white anemone and red tulips.

And this is how lovely the tulips are looking today!
(And I am wearing the same footwear today. Spooky!)

Friday, 11 April 2014


I think this is a 'happy' (do a little Pharrel Williams dance) face.

Or it could just be one of relief that I did succumb to this bargain one pound washing line in TK Maxx absolutely ages ago!
Cos, with my bed linen going round in the washing machine, I thought I'd put the duvet and the Minky blanket out on the line for an airing and a beating (ooo, Missus!).
Duvet on the line ...put the blanket over and it all lands in a heap on the soil-y ground underneath!
So, ladies, the moral of this story is sometimes it pays to spend out on something you don't actually need at the time!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fur & Feather & Tooth

 Pinned down by the 'Park 2'; never seen them before, apparently, neither had the Park Ranger!
What is it about mummy's lap?
But he was a bit concerned for 'his' ducks!

A visit to this park can only mean one thing...another visit to the dentist. Pain in the palate and the tooth that had root canal work done 2 years ago!
Seems there is an infection, (huzzah for antibiotics), and apparently I will have to have the whole thing drilled out, packed to clear any other 'yucky stuff' and then have to go to Wellingborough to see a 'specialist' who has the know how and equipment to see what's going on in high definition, so to speak. (About 15 times actual size). The 3(!) roots I have in this tooth have weeny little branches, almost invisible on a regular X-ray and this is where the infection is.
To say I am a bit apprehensive is a slight understatement. Not so much the work itself but the fact I have to Wellingborough, (never been), and a different dental surgery. But what is weird, is that the dentist was the original chap I saw here in Northampton, who has gone on to specialise. I went to him as he did call outs and when my mum was housebound he came to see her. At the time, I wasn't registered with a dentist, so it seemed a good move to go with him. I only saw him about once before he left and have been with Mr Q ever since.
I am beginning to think I should have a dental chair with my name on a brass plaque on, like at the theatre, I feel as though I have taken 'root' there!
Boom! Boom!

Monday, 7 April 2014