Saturday, 28 June 2014

Luscious Locks In Notts

I cannot quite believe this is me!


Beautiful hairstyle crated by the amazing Lucille of
With her adorable little dog, Margot. (Extra surprise)
A wonderful way to be pampered, (with added cake and coffee too), organised by the lovely Karina of Vintage To A Tea.
Thank you girls for a most fabulous treat!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Tied Up In Notts

Having so much fun in Nottingham!
Was wiped out on Wednesday, but back out again yesterday and today.
Jonny Loulous' sale...
Amy Butler fabric (swoon)
Jesse James beads (a pound a strand!)

 New perfume from Kiehl's shop (I mean...a real shop, not a stand in a department store)

Yummy iced almond parfait dessert in The Cross Keys, our local for the week
The tram stop opposite our hotel. Simples.
Got the tram to here...Hopkinsons.
Got the tram back into town to go to Baklash. Didn't buy the hat.
Ever wondered where a pony stays backstage. Me in Peregrines' "stable".
Whoa! Where's the pony? (In a lift!)
The wonderful Peregrine

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Room With A View

Working l-r, these photos give you a pretty good idea of our view.
The Unitarian Church, that is now a pub called the Pitcher & Piano! There is a church, just out of view, which I believe is St Mary's, that bongs on the quarter hour throughout the day. Gives Big Ben a damn good run for its' money. And they have just started doing a peel as I type!
So special. Sounds like practise for a wedding!

The snippet of gold, bottom right, is Nottingham Contemporary.

Nottingham Contemporary bottom left. Moving round we get the Queens Road car park and the tram line in front of it. Excellent service.
Nottingham Magistrates Court

The circular white rooves belong to the HM & Customs buildings (very snazzy), with the Ratcliffe-on- Soar Power Station on the horizon.

Power Station on zoom. (Thank's not that close!)
Nottingham Castle surrounded by greenery, Castle Heights office block on Maid Marion Way (!) and finally, another church, St Peter's.
Not bad for a hotel room view in the East Midlands!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nottingham - ideas please

Mr B is going to here for a week 
Theatre Royal
Which looks like this inside...gob-smackingly stunning. (Probably a Matchams at a guess) 
Alan Metheringham/flickr

Where do you suggest I visit. I've googled lots of things, but 'insider info' is always the best!
So far...several vintage shops, archery, clay pigeon shooting, a couple of lovely country houses/gardens, the castle and an ice skating lesson have caught my eye.

Considering I've hit a-not-very-good-at-going-out phase, I may just spend it in the hotel room!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer Ruffles

Little round buttons and rouleau button loops, ruffles, sleeveless and crochet hem and trim.
A lovely, ruffly, flimsy Summer top.
Worn with my pre-loved Christmas present from Mr B, found at our village Christmas Fair.
A lucky 7 ring necklace.
Apparently each ring stands for something different -
life, love, longevity, friendship, health, wealth and happiness
or, depending what you read -
1st ring-Long Life.
2nd ring-Good Friends.
3rd ring-Health.
4th ring- Love.
5th ring-Wealth.
6th ring-Peace.
7th ring-Happiness.
or, even the seven days of the week.
Take your pick, but it is a lovely item to wear and I love to touch and roll the rings around.
Very tactile.
Do you have a 'special meaning' piece of jewellery?

Monday, 9 June 2014

Pantone Shade for 2015?

B'stard Pink.

Oh yes, I can see this colour really catching on, can't you?
I couldn't believe it when Mr B told me about it.

all photos, except this one, from Google
 It is the name used for a certain colour of lighting gel, which is like a heavier version of a cellophane sweet wrapper that you cut from a roll to fit in front of a stage lighting lamp. I thought they were just red, pink, yellow etc or possibly a number, as there is a huge choice of colours available.
But b'stard pink and its cousin b'stard amber are for real and do, in fact, cast a wonderful glow for human flesh.
the wonderful Mayall character of Alan B'stard MP
 Now, I had intended to just do this as a post 'cos I like the Pantone year shades, (here and here), but this, sadly, can  also link to the sad demise of Rik Mayall today at the too young age of 56.
I have 2 memories of Mayall.
The first time I met him in the flesh was when Fashion Aid was on at the Royal Albert Hall and I was working at London Festival Ballet; we had all the dancers and extras corralled in the dance studios and he was messing around with this fleshy-coloured T-shirt, (the Katherine Hamnett one from the show possibly?), rolling it up and sticking it through his open flies, so it looked like a penis!

As Rick from the brilliant 'The Young Ones'
The second time, I was at Chelsea Design and he came in with one of his 2(!) partners and a small toddler, dressed in Osh Kosh dungarees and tiny baseball boots. They said they wanted an outfit for the child to wear at a wedding. So I ushered them towards the pastel silk pageboy be told that the child was a girl! Ooops!

oh my, hasn't she grown
(Though that faux pas was nothing next to the clanger I dropped with  Chantal Hanover - it still makes me cringe even now!)

If you have 6 minutes to spare do watch this snippet of film from Fashion Aid. I do believe there is a VHS video of it, (which I NEED to own NOW), that has Freddie Mercury and Jane Seymour getting married! It is beyond...anything I can think of!