Monday, 26 March 2012

Lucky Escape For 3!



Very nearly gone! But, thankfully this one probably landed in the park. Unlike the one below! Scary!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

My mother, age 20.

My mother's mother, on her wedding day. I never knew this set of grandparents...grandma died when my mum was 16 and grandad died 3 weeks before my mum knew she was pregnant with me.

Great grand parents outside their home. They both worked at Lister's in Bradford. GGD was apparently one of the founding members of the Independent Labour Party. I guess he must have rolled in his grave with the election of Tony Blair!

I had the delight of meeting the lady who lived here. She was so kind and invited me in and we had a great chat. We kept in touch for several years until, I presume, she passed away. The house looked exactly the same from the front, but had been now had an inside loo and bathroom!

So, three generations of Mothers and then there was me!! But my cats will help me celebrate!!
Z xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Is It A Leprechaun?

No, it's a Pixie!

A very beautiful Nespresso machine and I am in love with it!

I'd commented to Pearl that I needed to but a new case to get me home from Manchester and this was the main reason. Well, this and 2 new pairs of shoes!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Lucky Girl

Mr B came thru' on a flying pit stop yesterday. Left me a weeks worth of dirty washing(!) and repacked his bag with a weeks worth of clean clothing, then scooted off down to London.

In amongst his stuff were some little beauties that he found for me!
A Minnie Mouse-style dress/top.

A rather gorgeous peach Melba print top, which I keep thinking 'oo, that'll be great with...'yellow espadrilles/orange ballerinas/white jeans/white linen trousers/ white Capri pants/white flared skirt/peach linen trousers. All of which already languish in my overflowing collection of clothes!

An extremely pretty necklace. A jigsaw, 1500pieces(!), of the Eiffel Tower.

And, cue big squeals of delight, these amazing boots!

If they are lucky the lads tend to get the daytime of the Friday off, when they are on tour. So Mr B invariably does a trip to Newcastle, which is home to Scorpio Shoes. He told me to have a look at the website to see if there was anything that caught my eye. TUK is a brand that I have a few pairs from, including a pair that I liked and Mr B tracked down in the States, so we know we are OK on the sizing.

The clothing comes from a shop, Big 'n' Beautiful, where Mr B is welcomed like an old friend. He has shopped there for me for years. They are brilliant with helping him with sizes etc and on the one time the size was right, sorted it out via the postal service.

I am very lucky that my man is so happy to shop for me. Either that, or I have got him very well trained!!
Z xx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fair Day

Me 'n' Ren doing computer 'stuff'!

I am really chuffed with myself as I got to the Fair, on my own, by bus, not taxi and at a reasonable time. Woohoo! Good old me, eh?

I bought from a couple of sellers, but haven't taken photos yet. Did a Sainsbury's shop on the way home and now just need a rest.
But I DID it!
Z xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

We're In The Army Now

With yet more appalling news about more Servicemen being murdered in Afghanistan this week, I had to smile at this photo that Mr B sent me.

I think it is for the son of the landlady in Sunderland, (where Mr B is this week). Anyhow, for a family member who is about to go out to this Hellhole. I don't know how they, or their families cope.

But what amazing cupcakes...even in such a moment as this, people find a way to celebrate and organise a send-off party for this brave lad.
Good luck!

Z xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Greenwich Clock Tower Market

I seem to have had rather a productive day. Of course the good weather we are having helps.

I had planted up dozens of seeds and have run out of window sill space. They have even taken over the bedroom sill, much to Tabby's disgust, as she likes to have a little sit on there when it's sunny!

But a photo of a stack of pots of potting compost does not a good post make! (Try saying that after a couple of gins!) So, at long last have downloaded some pictures from the Greenwich Clock Tower Market, held every Saturday. Goodness there was some good stuff there. Good prices too. I'd done a little wander down to the Co-op to get some groceries to bring home, when I found this delight. I hot-footed it back to the hotel and told Mr B to GO! and have a shufty.

Lots of sparkly things. Regret not purchasing the Blackpool Tower brooch, but I think there comes a point at which you just cannot take it all in and this little gem was sadly left behind.

Mr B has one of those square vases but in green glass. The seller said that the green glass is quite rare.

Front and back cover on annual that came home with us.

And below is Mr B's best buy.

No, not the shoes!!! The FREE (working) coloured light bulbs.
Now, that's the sort of bargain I like. They belonged to the sellers dad and I guess he was just pleased to get shot of them. Mr B had bought a couple of bits and was going to buy these too, so that was a very kind of the chap.

Much more fun than soil-filled flowerpots! Mind you, I have some of my parents vintage clay pots which are rather nice. And I have been saving all my loo roll tubes which have now got runner beans and sweet pea seeds planted in them! Very 'Blue Peter'! But apparently these types of seedlings don't like having their roots disturbed, so the loo roll gives them a good length to grow in and hopefully minimal disturbance when planting out. Well, that's the theory...!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Park With A View

Greenwich Park, South London, in all its' glory! The link will give you all the info you'll want to find out much more eloquently than I could do! Just wanted to actually post these photos...they were taken way back in December, a colder day than today but about the same greyness as today! Mind you, I did get a glint of evening sun on Canary Wharf.

This is a first-time effort of a panorama made up of 4 photos. Room for improvement, I think, but not bad for a beginner! (If you click on it, it will pop up in another window, much larger and clearer!)