Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Beautiful, Beautiful Things

More beauties from EAST.

My other laptop turned itself off cos it got too warm, and the rest of the photos and makers info is on there, so this is a bit disjointed. But do click on the photos to enlarge...the detail is fascinating.

Z xx

PS. My other one is a Porsche!!! ha ha. Actually, it's an HP and they are apparently prone to overheating...anyone else found this a problem? Or any ideas as to how to stop it? (I have one of those cooling boards underneath it and have tried running it only on AC and no battery).

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pots of Colour

Just one display of many beautiful things at EAST, an exhibition at Northampton Museum, running until 17 April, that my support worker took me out to see. Thank you H, it was lovely.

More photos to follow.

Z xx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Another Day, Another Harbour

Mr B went visiting family at the weekend, and came back with some fun stuff. But my favourite is this picture, taken on his phone, looking over Portsmouth Harbour.

There's a lot of detail in a very small space!
and an amazing, HUGE, white catamaran!
As you may be aware, I'm a teeny bit of a geek when it comes to planes and Naval boats!
They had a decommissioning service for the Ark Royal at the end of last week. How anyone, (Govt), could have the gall to take this ship out of service, Heaven knows. All the more poignant given the awful circumstances in Japan, where USA Naval ships are there to provide support.
Now, don't think I like the idea of 'war', but that vessel was amazing and, as a country, we have lost another jewel. There is so much 'big up Blighty' on blogs and here was something that made me, at least, proud.
I don't know much about the Tall Ships Race, but its' crew is made up of youngsters, which must be an amazing opportunity for those lucky enough to be chosen.
Years ago, in another life(!), I was the PR person for a 'fishy' tourist attraction in Southsea. As part of the job we went to the meetings of the areas hoteliers, and at one such meeting, were privy to the plans for the Spinnaker Tower and the surrounding Gun Wharf. I cannot quite believe it, to see the pictures of it! And it seems to be everywhere...Clark's shoes ad, Britain's Biggest Loser, to name but 2.
Have a good week,
Z xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Pony In A Lift

As promised!
Mind you, I have to say it's more 'on' than 'in'. I thought it was going to be the goods lift with the big metal concertina door!
But, I think it's still pretty impressive. That pony is so laid back!!
Mind you, 'elf & safety' were a bit narky...the lift is not for human use. But as was pointed out, surely it was safer to have a person with the pony than let him travel on his own!!! It's H&S gone mad!!
So, no more pony malarkey until I get to see him in October in Plymouth!! Honest Guv!
Have a good week.
Z xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Because You're Worth It

That forelock doesn't happen naturally!
Here's Peregrine having a blow dry before this afternoons matinee.
Wonder if he's uploaded his 'swish' to that site that Cat Deeley keeps advertising?
To answer Dee Dees question as to why he is at the theatre...

It is a ballet called La Fille mal gardee, (The Wayward Girl, I think), which along with Swan Lake is one of the very old classics.
The photo above is of 'Star' who used to do this before Peregrine. She's now about 35 years old and has no teeth!

This is a photo of us, a few years ago, backstage in Plymouth. (Star is the pretty blonde, on the left!!)

Friday, 4 March 2011


Hi! I'm Peregrine. Mr B took these pictures of me backstage, so that is why they are so dark.

Plodding my way through the scenery backstage.

What's going on down in the dock?

( I'm sure he's a Thelwell pony!)
Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden played darts on that board when they were filming Britain's Got Talent. Bet none of them were as beautiful as me!

Don't cha wish you had a fringe like this? Don't cha? How about a new pony band....The Peregrine Dolls?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pampas Is Evil!

No, Believe me! It is the most dangerous plant in my garden. It bites back! Well, no, it cuts shreds!

(Pampas to the right of the picture)

But the sun was out and it was almost warm, so, the pampas desperately needed a trim. Actually it needed a short back and sides cut. The bad weather earlier in the year really took its toll on the poor old pampas grass. And having cut it back I found all the dead 'Billies' too.

(The original Billy, in his original spot, in the middle of the picture, with spiky leaves)

The original 'Billy' was a phormium that we rescued from the skip outside a pub called The King Billy, hence his name. The chap even brought it round to our home in his trailer, which was really kind of him. (It was a very big plant!). So, over the years its been moved around the garden and split into smaller sections and grown in pots. So, hopefully, these plants in the ground will recover.

It was brilliant this morning. Looking out from the kitchen window, whilst making coffee, there was a bobbin' robin, a wren and Mrs Blackbird all scuffling around collecting bits for their nests. How sweet...Spring must be on its way! But, why does Mrs Blackbird always build her nest in OUR garden? Y' alert! We've had a wren build her nest here the frogs head! But it must've been very cosy because at that time it still had the sponge in there. (To answer your query "Why?", it was made as a mask).
Mr B is back from HK and is doing shows in Brum. I was talking to him on the phone the other day and he came out with the immortal line, "I've got to go and meet the pony from the lift." The mind boggles, but I have asked him to get me a picture of the pony, Peregrine, and George, his handler, in the lift. Ah, showbiz, there's nothing like it!!
Z xx