Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I is ill! On holiday in Plymouth, being sick and with a very poorly tummy!

Service will be resumed at a later date...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wicker Wednesday 8

Probably the smallest piece of wicker in the world!

I am having heaps of aggro trying to move these pictures around today! I've lost my text 3 times already, so I'm calling it a day, before I hurl the laptop across the room in sheer deperation!
Z xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Picture Heavy Catch-Up Post

My heffalump pressie from Vix. He is gonna be so cute when he's sewn up and stuffed!
Thank you ever so much, Vix, I love him. (But as yet he has no name. Any ideas?)

Don't know if you believe in Karma, but...I sent Christy's baby a soft cuddly toy heffalump that she let me know she received, the same day as I met Vix! Spooky, huh?

A while back I was lucky enough to win this fab book on Mary Poppins' blog. I haven't used any of the recipes yet, but I have at least now tried one. I like the look of cupcakes more, but Whoopies seem to be a much lighter, delicate morsel!

I rather like the cute 'hamburger' whoopie and the cute ideas for upcoming Halloween.

There have been lots of forays in recent months to Homesense/TKMaxx! 10 quid got the 2 baking trays, mini roasting tin, slotted wooden spoon and the small draining ladle. Result! The cupcake cloth is by Jackie Llewellyn Bowen, (wife of Laurence), who seems to be able to make a living from anything. (In a good way!) I came across her years back, before she was married I think, when we lent her some wedding dresses for a book she wrote. Small world! Anyhoo, I'd been eyeing this up for weeks, until it eventually went to red label, (sale); so in I swooped! The floral drawstring bag is a big linen-y number, which I bought yesterday for £2.99!
Oh, I do love Homesense!!

These are the Skechers 'Shape Ups' from Brantanos. The sole is curved so that your body works to keep steady, if that makes sense! It is meant to tone up your legs, bum and body core. I did have a pair of MBTs, the original tone up footwear, but they were quite difficult to feel safe on. The Skechers are much better, for me, but I can still feel them working.

The scarf is again a TKMaxx bargain. It was all screwed up when the colour beckoned me. I thought the squiggles looked very Zandra Rhodes-ish, so into the basket it went. When I got it home and opened it out I couldn't believe it! So much bigger than I thought and sequins too! Not quite a can can dancer, Vix, but very close!

This Butlins tin I bought off Debbie at Lalabaibaby, at the Fair in Northampton. (Yes, I know that was forever ago!). Mr B bought a tray years ago in the same style. But it brings back such happy memories for me, as I did a season at Bognor, when I was a student. I started as a barmaid, then became an itinerary clerk. Loved it!

Even further back in time, at the Market harborough Fair, I found this beautiful 1930s hat. Also from Debbie, but this is Debbie of Vintage Wants. She found it out in the States, and I feel jolly lucky to have bought it. I just adore the colour!

And finally, on this mammoth post a couple of shots of my table that I used to lay stuff out on to photograph.

Somebody had chucked it out on the pavement, so it came home to us! The Fiji Islands Table has 3 legs and is not very stable -which is why it probably got thrown out!-but when it's wedge against something sturdy it is one of Rene's favourite places to sit.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Z xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wicker Wednesday 7

The Action Men perform Alan Whicker Tribute Dance at Mondo-A-Go-Go

Laugh? I nearly peed my pants when I found this clip!! There is another, clearer version on YouTube, of them performing at Vintage@Goodwood too. (Can never have too much of a good thing, can you?)

And here are the wicker items. A collection of prop birdcages.

Birdcages always make me think of one of the first bloggers I met, Annie @Birdcages and Butterflies. She hasn't posted in months. I have sent emails to see how she is but haven't heard from her. I believe she may use Facebook, but if anyone out there knows her, send her my love and I hope all is okay!

I'm quite all of a dither this evening! I had an osteopath appointment in Birmingham today; I haven't managed to get there for my last 2 visits. So that was good. But, even better, I had organised to meet up with the wonderful Vix. What a joy! Thanks for making the journey into town Vix. I felt very honoured...she gave up one of her beloved car boots to meet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a couple of vintage hats over for her, (as seen here! Boy, you posted quick, Vix!). She very kindly brought me a vintage, ready-printed pattern to cut out, to make a heffalump. She had taken on board this guest post of Mr Bs'. It is sooo cute and will be photographed and be downloaded to the blog asap. Well, in the next month!
Z xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

OOTD - Sunday

OOTD posts have been a bit sparse since Mr B has gone back to work!

We snuck into town yesterday for a while, ending up at my mums' flat. But not before going for a nosey round TKMaxx!

These are my fave black linen pants; a bit palazzo-y and very comfy! The mustard top nods to the autumn colour trend. I found it a bit vivid, (this was its' first outing) and I must sort out a better bra to wear with it!!!! The black mac is a brill bargain...12 quid from TK a while back. It gets a lot of wear as it is very lightweight but good against the showers. And it has a hood that rolls up into the ruffley collar. Neat! I will do a close up of the bag when we get a bit of sunshine again. Mr B brought it back from Target in the USA. It's a camouflage-style print but done with swallows!

Mr B is in Sunderland for the week. Never mind, I had 2 firemen visit today, doing smoke alarm checks. They fitted a new all signing, all dancing alarm. Nothing wrong with the old one, but old was the operative word!
Two encounters with firemen in one year! Thankfully, not in life-threatening situations. But I always find it very difficult to get my head around what they can have to face on a daily basis. I just don't know how they do it. What extremely brave men, and women.
Z xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The R Factor

It's saturday night, so the Great British nation tends to divide into 2 camps...Strictly Come Dancing (hurrah!) and The X Factor (boo!).

So, in homage to the lesser programme, here is my little snapshot of The Ah! Factor.

Mr B took the phone snapshot of me and Tabby just before he woke me up, to say "goodbye", before he left for work, the other morning.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Heads Up! CK Freebies!!!!

Just had an email from the Telegraph with a link to this!!!!!!!

Two exclusive Cath Kidston booklets free inside The Telegraph this weekend

Make and sew your own unique gifts and accessories with Cath Kidston's step-by-step instructions and templates.

Cath Kidson

Give personalised hand-crafted Christmas presents with a selection of projects from Cath Kidston.

These two 52-page Cath Kidston booklets are packed full of useful instructions that will help you create a fantastic range of beautiful accessories and gifts for your family and friends.

There are plenty of projects to suit all levels of sewing ability but don’t worry if you’re not quite up to speed with your needlecraft, the booklets also teach basic techniques that will get you going in no time at all!

Part One – free inside The Telegraph on Saturday October 8

The first booklet focuses on gift-making ideas and includes a varied selection of exciting projects.

Discover how to create your own handmade cards and accessories, an iPod case, a pretty tote bag or even a gorgeous appliqué cushion
Part Two – free inside The Telegraph on Sunday October 9

The second booklet reveals a range of inspirational ideas that will show you how to inject more colour and personality into your home.

Find out how to recycle scraps of leftover fabric and practice your sewing skills by making tea towels, placemats and pillowcases.

Once you feel confident, you can move on to bigger projects such as the charming breakfast tablecloth, embroidered songbird slippers or the pretty quilted knitting bag.

Both booklets include plenty of motif templates to help you re-create Cath Kidston's signature look and inspire your own creativity.

In association with:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wicker Wednesday 6

One thing I should think Alan Whicker would never do would be to run late!

But, in my mind, technically at least, I haven't yet gone to bed, so it is still Wednesday!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

200th Post & A Lovely Award

Goodness, I can't quite believe that, with a little help from Mr Blossom, I've rabbited on enough to create 200 posts!

Also, I've been tagged! Danielle passed the Sunshine blogger award onto me.

But, it does mean I have to do 'things' too!

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

So, a big Thank You to Danielle Rose at A blog from Blackpool.

Favourite Colour: At the moment, yellow. But it could be different tomorrow!
Favourite Animal:I have 2 cats. But my absolute fave is a Boxer dog.
Favourite Number: 4, 16, 44. Quite like 13 too!
Favourite Drink: Coffee. Champagne, given the chance!
Facebook or Twitter: Neither really. I am 'on' Evil Facebook, but don't use it.
Your Passion: My garden. Seriously, a lifesaver.
Giving or Getting Presents: Of course I love to receive a gift, who doesn't? But I am seriously enjoying sending out 'vintage' bits from my mums' flat to various bloggers. If I'd just done a house clearance when she died, well, it would've been a waste!
Favourite Pattern: Any animal print.
Favourite Flowers: Roses.
Favourite Day: Today!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Times They Are a'Changing

Despite yesterday apparently being one of the hottest October days ever, Autumn is still doing its' thang!

A week ago most of the Virginia Creeper was still green.

Then a few days later the same leaves have taken on a distinct autumnal feel.

Same leaves, different angle!

Not long until they will look like this!

Definitely a forthcoming feast for the eyes!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hares & Rabbits (and a cat)

Wowsers! October already! And what a scorcher it was today!
I was wondering if anyone out there knows where the quaint (English?) custom of 'Hares and Rabbits' comes from?
For those of you scratching your head in a what-the-heck-is-she-on-about? way I shall explain.

On the last day of the month, you are meant to make sure the last words you say are 'hares, hares, hares' and then on the 1st of the month the first thing you are meant to say is 'white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits'.

So, as it is the 1st October, here are a couple more photos of the rabbit/hare in Brum. I've done the either/or option because it looks like a hare, as in, it has long ears. But it is looking out over to the Chinese Quarter, so we thought it was meant to be a rabbit. As in Chinese 'Year of the Rabbit'. As far as I know, they don't have a 'Year of the Hare'!

All I do know is that I just love his cute white bunny tale!

And here is a little clip of Rene growling at next doors' rabbit.

She had climbed out of our bedroom window and jumped into the garden that belongs to the family upstairs. (I know, that sounds really weird, but their garden is outside our bedroom. Such a good bit of design when the boys are out playing with their footballs! NOT!!)

That rabbit just seems to be going 'Chase me, chase me' and is such a tease. We got Rene to come home before she was teased too far!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Z xx