Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wicker Wednesday


During a very wet spell, on Saturday afternoon, we travelled back home in Mr Cabbies cab, a 7-seater minibus!, with this beauty...

...a Tea for Two set.

I first saw one of these years ago in Southsea. We fell in love with it, but times woz 'ard and so it passed by, with us promising ourselves 'one day, one day'. That day turned out to be last Saturday. Hurrah! It is just one of those items that fits into our small flat; no awkward manoeuvres to get it through the porch, or over the neighbours' back garden fence, (which we had to do with the piano!!). Perfik!

This is one item that actually hasn't found its way to chez Pennyblossoms! (And has since been sold).

The original glass top over a padded fabric 'comforter' and underneath a rather ugly set of drawers but with the most amazing metal curtain track fitted to the edge of the kidney shape. Now, I've never seen one with a proper track like that before. It was so cute. I'm lucky, I have one of those 'Louis-style' dressing tables with a triple mirror, which Mr B found in Chapel Street in Islington. It is my second fave piece of furniture, the first being a deco sideboard with the most amazing 'tiger stripe' veneer. Again, another hulking great big piece of furniture!

Days is open 7 days a week. 9:30 until 7pm Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 6pm Saturday and 10:00 to 4:00 on Sunday. The Pink Cafe shuts around an hour earlier.
A Day Recycling Group Re-use Centre
1 St Peters Way
Off Tanner Street
Z xx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I have mentioned the wonderful place that is Days before, but have now got a few pictures to show you.

All those red flowers you've seen in the garden came from here. They are about to stop stocking plants for now but will start again next February. They are lovely, strong specimens and you can always ask questions as they have a helpful, informative sales lady. She is great but I must ask her her name!

For those with cars there is good parking and for those of us that don't they will deliver for 15 quid!

I've always fancied one of those big pine kitchen tables. But with a kitchen as small as ours it would never fit! But this little Alice-in-Wonderland 'eat me, drink me'-sized table with its' chunky farmhouse-style legs will go a treat in our living room.

That cream 50s sliding door cupboard came home with us too! It will sit on a work surface just right in the kitchen. (It is about 18 inches tall; a slightly deceptive photo - there is the brown hardboard back of something in front of it.)

And, yes, that is one of those wild, green onyx tables in the foreground! One of their more pricey items at twenty-five quid...which probably explains why it has hung around all thru' Mr Bs holiday!

They have a great little cafe too. The best bacon sarnies I have ever had - good quality bacon, not that cheapo catering stuff and that scrummy tiger bread from Morrisons. Nom nom nom!

Hoping to do a post tomorrow, a new idea of mine...Wicker Wednesday, showcasing all things wicker! And my first showcase will be the latest lovely item to find its' way home!
Z xx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Sunday

Spent most of the afternoon having a sort out in the garden.
Z xx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rock Clobster

Guest Post from Mr Blossom

What do you get if you cross a crab with a lobster? A 'Clobster'! I can't remember who said it, but having broken for lunch, the only place to eat was the canteen at Front of House. We were sat at a table looking at the menu, just a small group of us, the canteen staff and across the hall an empty restaurant room.

Micky Murphy,(2nd right), sat quietly reading his menu, giving it just the right amount of comedy timing and then "Do you remember that B52s record 'Rock Clobster'?"

Back to my first Guest Post, 'Bossons, England'. As some of you may have read, a few weeks ago Mrs Blossom and I went to the Vintage Fair at Market Harborough. Having put my reputation in tatters by not only purchasing the wonderful Super Snooper periscope, from a couple of 40s bombshells named The Watsons, I was lured to the Creepy Chic stall by Mrs Blossom, who thought I might be interested in a Super 8 film, 'Women Wrestlers', (countdown to 2012 and all that!).

Anyway, the loose theme that has run through these Guest blogworld Posts is of chalkware wall plaques, ornament and figurine. To bring this to conclusion, with the help of Mr Micheal Murphy's 'Rock Clobster', Mr Creepy Chic had a beautiful, possibly chalkware, wall plate with a three dimensional crab. Mrs B and I admired it, but thought it too fragile to take home on the bus, bearing in mind, we also had a meat safe and vintage glass baubles from Briony! A 1930s American hat from Debbie of Home Thoughts From Vintage Wants. Pins and Needles magazines from The Watsons. Last, but by no means least, three 1960s sticker books on Afghanistan, Bolivia and Switzerland from Debbie, Lalabibaby. A big THANK YOU to you all.

My friend, Dean, and I , used to go snorkeling under South Parade Pier. (Plan the dive...Dive the plan). There were lobsters which we only looked at. There was also a one-arm bandit fruit machine which had fallen through when the pier caught fire during the filming of Ken Russell's 'Tommy'. We planned but never executed the salvage job!

PS. Trevor, Mr Vintage at the Cornerhouse, if I ever find one of those Secret Sam Briefcases, with a built-in periscope, it's yours!

Always on the look-out,
Mr B

Down periscope...dive, dive, dive

Friday, 26 August 2011


Guest Post from Mr Blossom...
I suggest you scroll down to the link on Drinkin' Wine and listen while reading! Drink that slop!

Uwe, (oo-va), came from Bremen on a self-financed work placement scheme and to buy 45s.

Growing up listening to The Sweet and collecting rock and roll had given him a good command of the language, but it was to improve his technical English that he initially came to work with us. He came back as a full member of the team and stayed that long he began to dream in Merry Olde English.

He drank Becks because it was brewed in Bremen. His best friend, Tammo, was in Velvetone, who recorded a version of Funnel of Love with Wanda Jackson. In conversation about home, we would respectfully refer to his girlfriend as 'Little Eva'. (Can't remember her real name!). One of my abiding memories was whilst working at Salford Lowry a few of us were staying in Halls of Residence at Castle Irwell Campus. Having finished work, late one summer evening, Uwe and I took two chairs from the communal kitchen and sat on the stretch of grass that ran between the blocks of houses. Uwe had his Sony Walkman and we shared an earphone each 'Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee', or a can of cider, in this case!

We were listening to a compilation tape whilst a lone student roller bladed around the paths. I don't know what was the most surreal, him or us?

One classic conversation that Mrs Blossom reminded me of, when I wrote the previous guest post, 'Ornament', was a non-derogatory (affectionate, I might add), conversation about the shopping habits of women..."Figurines" said Uwe.

Mr B

Monday, 22 August 2011


Guest Post From Mr Blossom

On the run-up to Christmas, my friend, Jason, ( on the far left), used to write a list of family and presents to get. It was a running joke between us, that every year, next to his mum he wrote 'ornament'. On the few occasions that I'm in London, and drop into the pub that he now runs with his dad, Jason will look across the bar and say "Have you made your list yet?"

Mr B

'Ello, 'Ello,'Ello!

No, not a post about the show of the same name. (God forbid!)
But another burst from the Pennyblossoms welcome party!

But first, a little OOTD from yesterday.

Pink polo shirt, Debenhams
Navy cargos, Mark One (Ithink)
Bag, a pressie from Mr B
Shoes, brand new Skechers Shape Ups from Brantano.
Pink watch, TKMaxx
Necklace, Avon
Bracelet, Accessorize
Earrings, Evans

We had a lovely day yesterday. A yummy bacon sarnie at Days. (Post about this brilliant recycling place will follow). Got a couple of Penstemons is their sale too! Wandered over to PC World to get my Norton protection CD. Then into the drive-in Starbucks - we were on foot -for a Frappaccino(?), and my first ever whoopie pie!

I succumbed to half a pie as I was lucky enough to win Mary Poppins giveaway of a whoopie pie recipe book! Thank you Mary!

So, onto the meet and greet part of the post! Sorry to have been so lax; I think my 'Blogs I Follow' list may well need a make over too!

Hello and welcome to the world of Pennyblossoms...

Teresa of Tcakes (I cannot believe I never gave you a mention before!)

Emma, a work colleague of Mr B

Hailie of Yaya, Kolo & Manolos (Musings of a Shugalista)




Pretty at Heart

Helloooooo everybody and thank you for following!
Z xx

The Case of the Lost Follower

Loosing a Follower when you don't have too many to begin with, begs the question "Why?"

As we are wont to do, I wonder what I have done wrong?

But does it really matter?
(Well, it does just a little bit...I love that people are kind enough, and interested enough, to click that button)

But it did pull me up on the bloggy housekeeping side of things! Such as welcoming all my new Followers to Pennyblossom Land!

I used to be pretty good at this but I don't think I've done it once this year! Baaaad Pennyblossoms!! So...hello, and welcome to, in no particular order...

Aly Henshall of Faith In Fashion

Jan of A Little Bit Of This And That (fashionfrugalityandfun)

Isabelle of Suzy's Vintage Attic

Pen of Rosa Lily

Carol of Mrs Jolly's Bubblecar (sarahcarolmakes)

CameronPoe2409 (who I think is Clare) of I Have Too Many Shoes

Margaret of Penny Dreadful Vintage


Emma of Lemon Daisy Chains

Char of t*rexes and tiaras (dinoprincesschar)

Judith of ...on the Moon (Usako)

Danielle Rose of A Blog From Blackpool

Jo of Mrs Bossa Does the Do

Debbie of Dreaming Of The Simple Life (lalabibaby)

Jo of Hesta & The Pugs (Hesta Nesta)

Karen of Tilly Rose

Michele of hello lovely inc

Katie of Katie Did Interiors

Me of We Are Here

and my mate from Plymouth, Chloe.


I have a few more of you to say 'hi' to...the names that show up at the end of the Followers list with the grey headed avatar! I know you're there and I will do a linky where possible!
Z xx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bossons, England

Guest Post From Mr B

I hadn't seen any of these in years.

I'm not sure how it started with the Turks' Heads, as my friend, Dean, and I called them. Whether his nan had one or 2. I am sure that they would be familiar to anyone who frequented holiday gift shops. To Dean and I, viewing the world through teenage eyes, we spotted them with fond amusement.

We were probably wearing 3 inch waistband Birmingham 'bags', about the same time as waistband jumpers with stars on the front were on sale at Landports, Commercial
Road, when we first came across these wonderful adornments.

It wasn't that long ago that it occurred to me you didn't see these chalkware wall plaques anymore. Maybe I haven't been going to the right places, or just walking around with my eyes shut, as Mrs B would say!

So, when I saw these gnarly old friends, grinning up at me from a Northampton Antiques Market stall, they brought a smile to my face. I haven't seen Dean for a long time; to send him one of these would be such a good way to get back in touch.

Mr B

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hello, Liberty Kitty

I found this article in the Daily Mail.

Liberty of London are bringing out a range of Hello Kitty goodies!

There are fabrics, lotions and potions, and some make-up too.
This range is directed at grown-ups.

I have put a link to Liberty above but there seems no information is available on their website as yet.

This is a limited range for, I believe, 2 weeks only from 26 September 2011.

Now, I love Hello Kitty as much as the next fanatic...I have jewellery, bubble bath, etc etc, and I rather adore Liberty's, but...this does absolutely nothing for me on any level at all!

I'm a traditionalist at heart I think. I like the proper Hello Kitty goods and the proper Liberty prints in their proper colour schemes! When I saw the title of the article, my heart skipped a beat. But I know this is one limited edition I won't be buying into!

What do you all think? Do you like the colours and designs? Are any of you fans of Hello Kitty?

Z xx

All photos taken from the Daily Mail article

Friday, 5 August 2011

A Totally Magical Wardrobe

(photo from The Telegraph)

Exclusive preview of Daphne Guinness's wardrobe exhibition - Telegraph

OMG! I must buy my airplane ticket NOW!

And I want to work at FIT. Sounds amazing.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just Chillin'

Phew! It's been hot today! My face just gets sweaty standing still! I loved your comment on the last post, Jan; see, today I'm all over the place clothing-wise!

I even seem to be wearing a cat on my right foot! What a sweetie! But I do love my headband. Mr B found it in Japan for a couple of yen. Floral towelling in such pretty colours and on days like this, perfect for keeping my hair of my face and mopping up any 'glow'!

Of which, there has been quite a bit after getting out Beulah the Bernina!
Remember at the beginning of the year there was that VAT increase? Well, just before it came into being I bought a sewing machine. And she has stayed in her box until a couple of weeks ago, when I had a go at making some pennants for Sian's sisters' wedding.

Sian you will never know how grateful I am to you! It was just the perfect project to inspire me. Unfortunately, it was so long since I'd bought it, that the free hour tutorial had all but been forgotten! Could I remember how the self threader thing worked...could I heck! So I just did it manually.

But, today, I was sorting out clothes and there were a couple of things I wanted to alter to get some wear out of them while we still have the warm weather! I had a lightbulb moment...look on Youtube. Result! Even so, I still had to have several goes to get it right. Still, now I have a blouse and a pair of cargo pants fit to wear. Hurrah! It's only taken me about three years!

I love this machine. Ever since college, (years back!), I've fancied owning a really nice Bernina. So, inspired by HenHouse, I got the 350PE (Patchwork Edition). It's not their fanciest by any means. I really can't justify 8 grand or so on a sewing machine! But this does so much more than zig zag! And best of all it does automatic buttonholes. Woop woop! I hate doing them. Nightmare!
I really do (heart) Beulah!
(I have no idea how you add one of those tiny heart symbols).

Monday, 1 August 2011

I Just LOVE These Ladies!

For all you thrifters out there, here's a great little film from Advanced Style.

I can only aspire to grow up and have some of the cachet that these great dames have! You may know the name Iris Apfel, she pops up a lot in all sorts of places (she of the large glasses fame), but my total fave inspiration is Tziporah Salamon. This woman is amazing! The clothes, the shoes, the decor...sigh!

But what they all seem to have, is this wonderful joie de vivre and they seem to have lived a life.

Oh yes, when I feel cr*p, a burst of these ladies is what the doctor should've ordered!

So, here's me giving it a go, in honour of these ladies!

This 'look' is so not me, but doesn't look too bad in these photos!

I love my little black 'Jesus' sandals with the silver chains, but they never get a lot of wear; I'm just not a girl that feels comfy going out in such un-protecting footwear! Sadly, the nail varnish didn't show up in all its' glory...a bubblegum pink, "All About Me" by Leighton Denny. Scrummy!

Z xx