Monday, 15 February 2010

Stupid Cupids' Weekender

This is a phone shot of the Bantam Cock. There was a spur of the moment Bicycle Basket Bazaar there this Saturday. It is a really lovely place and we will go there again.

So, what did we buy?

A 'lurve-bread', from new face on the block, Wendy. Gosh, she's a good bread maker. This had lemon peel in and was drizzled in icing.

Sorry, what did you say? Oh, the Battenberg parcel? What, you'd like to see what it is?
My Valentine gift...a little peek then...

How cute, yet somehow disturbing!! There are some great pictures and really clever ideas using all sorts of stuff.

Mind you, can't beat one of Tams' cupcakes...yummy.

Z x

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  1. Love the cupcakes book..or at least the cover! Must try making some like that!! ;-)