Friday, 29 August 2014

Facebook Has A Lot To Answer For

First off I don't really 'do' Facebook.
But when I spied Vixs' link to 'PlaidUrDay', hosted by Senora Allnut.  Well, I  just had to gate crash, didn't I? 
 So, let me see...if you like something on Facebook, you give it a big thumbs up.

If we're going to a party, well, you need music. A very old copy of PlaidUrDay, PlaidUrDay, PlaidUrDay Night's All right (for fighting dancing), still with its' Oxfam price tag!

Forgive the twist on the lyrics, Elton &Bernie!
image from Google
I also thought I'd bring some food...Madras Curry of course!
But Mr B looked at me 'quizzically'...umm, Madras check! Doh!
I've spent the day waddling around in my Betty Boop/Eeyore PJs that Mr B bought me back from Target(USA).
But I had already scanned my new, yet to be worn, shirt from New Look, which, with the autumnal weather, I think will be getting a lot of wear.
Happy PlaidUrDay!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vintage Birds

To tie in my last quilty post and to bring things more up to date, but still 'old'...
 part of a 'group quilt' by the East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild, called 'Where We Live'.
The real McCoy seen a week ago when we were at the Umbrella Fair and they were a few miles away at Sywell.
They were hoping to have the last 2 airworthy Lancaster Bombers flying too but it was too windy for the planes to be able to take off from Lincolnshire, which was such a shame.
That would be such an amazing sight to see...they have flown the second plane over from Canada(!) for the summer to have the 2 together to commemorate Bomber Command; there have been several flights - Eastbourne, Newcastle and Ireland I think. I hope some of you got to see them.

Fast forward to this Sunday and we knew there was going to be a fly-past at the local boys brigade rugby club but no idea at what time.
Umm, about the same time as Mr B popped out to the local shop on his bicycle!
 Then, totally unexpectedly, we caught sight of this beauty, walking into the village for a pub lunch. My beloved Vulcan Bomber. I guess you know I'm a bit of a plane geek?!

But possibly the best 'vintage bird' was the one that Mr B went to watch on Friday night.
OMG! It's Beki Bondage
I keep saying to him, "You've seen Beki Bondage!" in that 'I'm-in-awe' sort of way!
It was actually Vice Squad with BB. Yeah, huh?
There is Youtube footage here, with Mr B dancing with his pint on the side lines!!

So, I guess I've been a bit noticeable by my absence?
Blame it on the MIGRAINES!
Oooh nooo...don't let me turn into my mother(!), who suffered terribly with them basically all her life; and consequently was quite hellish to be around as a kid growing up, not knowing how awful they really were.
So, in honour of the weirdness that is 'the migraine' I am changing my header to a migraine-inducing neon-y number!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

East West Kaffe's Best

 Maybe I'll get to see Kaffe Fassett next year.

ooo..lovely, lovely books!
But this year I 'made do' with sitting in his throne!

What caught my eye on the other side of the stand?
I first found out about him when I was a student, (but I don't want to make him feel old!), in a book of all sorts of things to make to wear, including one his knitwear designs.
I never made it but just used to revel in the lushness of the colour and design.

just how many fat quarters does one girl need?
Only a week before I took delivery of a 'few' balls of wool, including some Kaffe-designed Rowan yarn, which I've earmarked for some socks.
Now, that should be a laugh...fine gauge yarn, four needles and one of those Japanese knitting patterns.
I could be gone some time!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Spent the day at The Festival of Quilts.
Never been before; it was fantastic.
So desperate to post the giant colour rush, but am too knackered.
More to follow...

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Grin Without A Cat

 Oh, hurrah!
still smiling
Managed to bite down so hard on my bite guard on Saturday night that I broke a piece off it! Which then entailed another visit to the dentist.
The original one was made by the Max-Fac dept at the hospital; but having phoned them they said to contact my own dentist.
I have no idea what flavour the crisps were...other than disgusting!

 It was so much more fun going with Mr B.

 Lunch at the Park Café.
He had plum tomato and basil a warm French bread roll and I had a Coronation chicken sarnie. Yummy!

Mr B photographed this little beauty.

She was buzzing around the pond where we see the 2 cats.
Only one this time...Marmite went into a rescue place as she was pregnant; after 24 hours labour she had 6 kittens, which sadly all died.
(Yes, I cried!).
 'Cat' as he seems to be called, (who's not the father, as he's been 'done'), was rehomed to a house a couple of roads away; then escaped and made his way back to the park!! But there is someone lined up to take him when the office closes in September, who comes in at 7am every morning to feed him a sachet, just to build up some rapport, so hopefully that'll work out fine. And I am so pleased to report that his mange has practically cleared up and his legs are much better too. Didn't get a photo yesterday, as he got all comfy on my lap and then he shot off when he heard the office door being unlocked, which equalled FOOD!

'Cat' on the left, Marmite on my lap

I do love a dental visit

And we get the chance to go back again next week to collect my new guard.
Oh, hurrah!