Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Loveliest Train Journey

I was going to upload these sections of film because they show, what I think, is some of the most beautiful railway views.

The area is Dawlish, which is a big summer holiday place. But imagine all this out of season. Magical!

This second film shows the continuing view but out of the other side of the train. It looks out over the deer park at Powderham Castle. Stunning!

Then I read about 'Little Man', (Christy's little boy) going on his train journey and loving it, so that made a double reason to upload it. I must apologise for the sound quality, or lack of it (!), but sticking your camcorder out of a train window that is hurtling along at probably 100mph doesn't create the best sound environment going!

I do hope you follow the links. Lovely pictures and info.

Also, there is a webcam available to view at Dawlish Warren.

Z xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

And Then I Saw Her Face

Now I'm a Believer Follower.

(With apologies to The Monkees)

What am I waffling on about, you may ask?

Well, about a month ago, I was trundling round Superdrugs' make-up displays. Now, when I do this either here on in Boots, I always keep an eye out for Lou of Sprinkle of Glitter, as she likes a bit of make-up! So, as I turned round, I saw a face that I thought I recognised, in the angled mirror above the display, behind me. I sidled up and very quietly asked "Mrs Watson?", probably giving the poor, pregnant girl a near-heart attack!

Thankfully, it was Lou and we had a very nice little natter. We must do it again sometime, with a sit-down and coffee included!

So, seeing as Lou asked what I'd bought on her lovely post about our meeting, (that she did ages ago), here it is! I had bought a different mascara, (Ultra, I think), but when I went to use it, it was all dried out! I took it back and stuck to my guns when the sales assistant said 'we don't exchange make-up', saying it was sold unfit for purpose, and swapped it for this Collection 2000 one. And as it was cheaper I also got a fiver back too! Result! It's not waterproof, but a coat of Clarins 'Fix' Mascara' and job done.

Here's a little piccie of it in use, so to speak. It is unlike anything I tend to use and the quality I think is really good. Mind you, I don't think this picture does it justice!

So, at long last Lou, it was brilliant to meet you. And, yes, I've done a bit of photo thievery too.

Let me finish off with Lous' Luscious Lips and her phrase "Mwah! Thanks for stopping by!"

Z xx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

How To Loose A Cat...

...In One Easy Lesson!

Now, our Rene cat likes a hidey-hole, such as this cupboard in the bathroom, on a narrowboat.
But yesterday she did herself proud, and didn't do my blood pressure any good, into the bargain.
We rent a basement flat which gives the kitties access to the 'outside world', invariably under supervision, and with no use of the catflap.
Ren's been a bit wary this week - there's been a lot of big, noisy seagulls, sitting around on top of the house and next door has a cat that she met last time and wasn't too happy about. So, she's been quite happy using the litter tray.
Anyhow, we wanted to go out and couldn't find her!! Argh!! Thinking it unlikely that she'd disappear off outside we looked all over the (large) flat. No joy! We have now met all the immediate neighbours too!
We went and had tea and Mr B went into work. Several hours later, I'm on the laptop, and who should come and sit next to me? Rene! I felt her coat and she was all warm and cosy - definitely not come in from the by now, very cold outdoors. And anyway, I had shut the kitchen door to the lounge, so she couldn't have got into the flat only the kitchen! Of course, she wouldn't let on where her hideout was and I checked there was no fur on/under the duvets on the 2 spare beds. Nope!
Now, when we have stayed in nice hotels she loves sitting right up against the edge of the bed, under the counterpane. So, we had checked for that too and we moved all 4 beds out to check. Where had she been??
This morning Mr B moved his suitcase and caught the corner of one of the beds which pulled the dust ruffle up, and, lo and behold...
...found this!!!
A little slide-y door to a divan base storage cubbyhole. And there she was, again, tucked in right at the back!! Now, bear in mind, this bed had been moved last night in 'the search', not a meow or anything!
Who are you calling a 'cheeky miss'?
Like, butter wouldn't melt!!
Still, at least we didn't have to go home without her....
Z xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

This week...

I have been 'on tour' with Mr Blossom down in Plymouth, Devon.
Today I did a BIG walk from where we stay in West Hoe right around through Millbay to Stonehouse. I was intending to go to the car boot in Stonehouse but got rather waylaid just meandering around enjoying the beautiful weather and the lovely surroundings.

I was very surprised to see these swans fly in and land on the sea; I thought they were 'fresh water' birds, but this is right where the sea and the River Tamar join, so I guess that makes it a little of each!

Looking back towards Devils' Point.

Looking over the Plymouth Sound to Staddon Heights.

Looking across the bay to West Hoe with Smeatons' Tower standing tall in the background.

Two views looking over to Mount Edgcumbe with the River Tamar running out from the right. This is where the Navy ships come in and go down to the Naval Base, Devonport.

Plymouth Sound. The Sea!!

Artillery Tower and across to Mount Edgcumbe.

And today I'm...

still enjoying the views

and downloading the photos I couldn't do last night!

And here, for Alex, is the scrummy dessert.
(No dessert face Bernie, no job)

Belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and fresh strawberries.
So light and crunchy and fluffy and fruity and on the specials board at Cafe Rouge yesterday evening!

Z xx


...I've been mainly enjoying the views
...eating the scrummiest, lightest dessert, ever
...and finally got to see the dance piece that I always have missed
...I don't seem to be able to upload any photos due to Blogger Maintenance!
(so, photos to be added at a later date)
...and I seem to have lost a follower. How very strange!
Z xx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Blowing My Own Trumpet!

A little bit of something completely different today, readers!

A few posts ago I put a picture on, of a plastic bird. A new reader, Sarah, left a comment saying that she would be ridiculously impressed if I had made it myself. Now, this touched a nerve; yes, I probably could've made it (someone has!), but, I'd bought it in Homesense.

So, I thought, "Right, let's scan some piccies of stuff that I have made." That was going to be my next post, and then I found out that Catherine had passed away and did a post on that, instead. (Many thanks for your kind comments....I didn't feel as if it was a loss to me, as such, but more a remembering of a very special time in my Life. Me and Mr B had only just become an 'item' after I joined there, and as I said, she always made him so welcome).


So, without further ado, a few shots from my portfolio!!

Here I am doing a headdress fitting, 'wearing vintage', or as it was known in those days, secondhand. A jumble sale mohair shawl artfully draped and pinned across one shoulder!! The dress belonged to my mum and somewhere I have a photo of her in it, in Paris with her father, (I never knew my grandad), in the early 50s.

This was little skullcap I made for myself for a fancy dress party. The theme was "Rainbow" and I went as the pot of gold. I made a little gold lame 'romper suit' and wore gold-flecked tights and shoes. And I am relieved to say that I don't think there is photographic evidence anywhere!

These were costumes for a Christopher Bruce piece, that premiered at the Coli.

(Photo credit, Angela Taylor)

Headdress and jewellery for a college project, that I was very kindly allowed to photograph at Goodwood House.

My very own cover shot!!

My gorgeous boys at Festival Ballet, (now ENB).

Three Mother-of-the-Bride hats.

And finally, a girl with a very big nose. Sorry, no(se), The Queen of Hearts headdress, from Alice in Wonderland.

So, I hope you've enjoyed and that has made up for no photos on the last but one post, 'cos we all seem to like a post with piccies!!

Have a great weekend. Do buy a raffle ticket from Sian this Sunday. It is for a very good cause, the Alzheimer's Society; my dad had it and Parkinson's too. Horrid, horrid things, so cruel. So, follow the links, either the picture in the sidebar, or click Sian's name.

And, yes, I haven't forgot you, Lou. That should be my next posty-wosty, as long as no-one dies and I get my piccies done!!
Z xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


The view from my bedroom window this afternoon.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wot! No photos?

See who the "shopping expert is, here!! (ha ha)
And a little more history of Church's, here, courtesy of Mary Portas for the Telegraph.
I'm all out of photos!!
Z xx

Monday, 4 October 2010


No, not this one....

...but this one!

Northampton is known by some as "Shoe Town" as it days gone by it was the nerve centre of the shoe making industry. Sadly, as is the way of so many 'craft' trades, this business has declined, but Church's is one of the few that remains, albeit, now owned by Prada. It is world-renowned for making the most beautifully crafted mens' shoes, and was recently shown on the Gok Wan, 'How To Look Good Naked' programme, when Brix Smith-Start, (once married to Mark E Smith of The Fall, one of Mr Bs' fave bands), went to visit and -very quickly- showed the process of having a pair of brogues made.

Now, it just so happens that every so often I pop in to TWR for a dose of civilised womens' stuff. One of the writers, Jane, was bemoaning the fact that she really wanted a pair of their Chelsea boots, (the company does a small range of ladies footwear), but could not find a pair for love nor money. And, yes, they do cost a lot of money, well, to me they do! But probably not as much as Choos or Louboutins.
I thought, maybe if I tried their headquarters, I might find a pair. (Who knows what they might have lurking around?)

So, on a very wet Friday, we wandered down to Jimmys End to go see! Well, I didn't know, but they have a Factory Shop!!

I was so close. The ladies shoes are made in Italy, but they had 1 pair of the exact boot, in the exact colour, but in one size too small! I was gutted!

But it did give me the chance to have a nosey and as you walk along the side of the building, there is one corner that smells of lovely, lovely leather. Mmmm

Jane has very kindly asked if she may mention me on their blog, which is amazing, (well, I think so!), so keep your eyes peeled!!

The steeple in the top picture belongs to St Matthews', Kingsley, and is the most stunning piece of architechture, and also happens to have the parish rooms where the Northampton Fair is being held, on the 23 October. Sadly, I shall miss this one as I shall being away in Plymouth. (so that's a 'boo' and 'hurrah' all in one breath!)

Z xx

Friday, 1 October 2010

The Bizarre-ness of it All

You know? How stuff entwines.

Put my dinner on last night and went and watched TV while it was cooking. What was on? Nigellas Kitchen. I used to enjoy her, but she's become such a parody of herself, I find her quite unbearable. She made a whole load of food I didn't like. I mean how many ways are there to disguise the myriad of shapes of that stuff pasta? Loathe it, makes me retch. And I'm not keen on tomatoes either. Or soup. And blimey, how many calories in that cheesecake? But, I bet that did taste good!! You see, I'm a Marmite baby. Always have been. Dinner party? Nah, a couple of pieces of buttered toast and Marmite and I'm yours.
And as this is a bit of a foodie post....
...we christened these new bowls this morning with our cereal. It was to celebrate "PowerPoints Dads" birthday, who is 51 today. We have a on-going thing about Paris, so we sent a picture of aforementioned bowl to wish him a Happy Birthday. His reply was that he could almost smell the garlic!!
I'd seen a picture of this range on T-Cakes blog, and loved the Paris bowl so was really chuffed to find some myself.

And my dinner? Fish Fingers and potato croquettes!!
(I was feeling uninspired/couldn't be a*sed!!)
Z xx
An added interesting fact, nearly. When my school closed down, it amalgamated with another one. If I had gone to that one, instead of the dreadful one I ended up at, I would have gone to school with Nigella. See, told you it was nearly interesting!