Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More Power To My Shower

Big squeal!
it looks just like this without the text
Finally have our Hello Kitty shower curtain in situ.
Mr B found it in Leeds, years ago, possibly before we even moved here; because 'one day we will have a shower'. And since the refurb, as we bought one, we do. (It wasn't part of the 'general' upgrade, but they put one in if you got your own.)
FYI, got a Triton Martinique and it has been fantastic.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let Me Brooch The Subject

I cannot believe my luck! 
I saw this brooch on the fb page for the fair I went to today, I didn't get there until about an hour before it closed and the first stall I looked at there it was.

metal, 1950's totally fab and about twice the size I thought it would be
New setting, new stalls to me.

It wasn't very busy while I was there, so I guess I missed the rush!

From the same lady, but apparently a decade older, from the 60's. Metal again; I have no idea of what they are or whether they are the same make or whatever, I just think they are beautiful and think they will get lots of wear and are timeless.

There was supposed to be a 'Vintage Tea Party', no idea where and after waiting 10 minutes to get a coffee at this part of the bar, I had had enough and left!
I found it all rather bleak and not particularly friendly; if you were 'one of the gang' it seemed to be one big jolly with many of the stallholders quaffing wine and chatting to one another. All very well if they all buy from one another, but there were a couple of coats that I tried on and put back and some shoes that caught my eye. If the stallholders had had an interest in the fact I was there and actually given me a 'nudge', I may've bought them all, but I really didn't feel the joy, and didn't feel I would regret not buying them.
And I don't!  
surely I don't look that offensive to a stallholder?
So, I trundled off on a bus jaunt and ended up at Waitrose and had a toasted t-cake and my freebie coffee; much better idea!

Victoria, (Florence and Mary), recently did a post on what to spend those pesky Boots vouchers on, you know, you buy something and use it and then they give you another one! She'd tried and recommended the Boots No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation and I gave it a go today. This was taken after my afternoon out and I think you can say it did a very good job! My shade is Cool Beige.
Will do a post on my Boots haul this week (oh, yes, there's more!).
Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Z xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What's In Your Kitchen Cupboard?

This is what I found in mine yesterday, when looking for a bowl!
Mr B had hidden it in there before he went to Plymouth. He'd found it up in Sunderland.
You can make your own 'farmyard' as there are printed animals on the inside to cut out and play with.
Bluebell and her two new chums
But I have my own farmyard was a Christmas pressie.
(It was in that big Jonny Loulou bag from MK, here)
While this may leave you scratching your head, going "Why?", Mr B was very amused by me knowing the words to the McDonalds ad with the farm, which is called 'Jollity Farm'...the dogs bow wow, the cats miaow etc etc. He saw a picture of it in the Metro one day and thought 'that's the present for my gal' or words to that effect! 

(Oh, how I love thee, Neil Innes!)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pink Leatherette

Taking the Pantone 'colour of the year' (Radiant Orchid), bag back out of its' storage bag and giving it an airing on such a sunny day.
the 'oh-my-god-hurry-up-the-bus-is-coming' face
Coat (German company, years old and a six quid bargain), bag LYDC (who?), scarf (Italian company) and shoes (Guess) from TK Maxx, blouse from Yours and trousers from Evans. I really do buy my stuff from all over the place!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

But, unfortunately I'm missing out on this trip!
You may recall that Dawlish hit the news big-time earlier this year when a portion of the railway line disappeared into the sea.

They are apparently doing wonders at re-instating the line, but, sadly not in time for the ballets' visit to Plymouth this week. Regular readers will know that we all go down with Mr B for a week away. As I am not good at travelling any distance by coach and I don't think the fur babies would appreciate it, I decided it best to pass this time. When it's thrust upon you, well, you can't help but go with it, but, knowing in advance, I think I'd would 've worked myself up into a right old tizzy!
So, the little video above is of the bit of railway line along the coast; I think it must be one of the most wonderful bits of train travel in the country. The world, even!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Too Much Of A Good Thing...

... can be wonderful.
So said Mae West, according to my pink bag.
Pink bag from Aspire, Oxford, a shop full of gorgeousness! (Well, it was when I was there a few years back...and seeing as the website has addresses for several different shops now, presumably still is!!)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Good News/Bad News

Frank the pug has been FOUND!
Unfortunately, this has highlighted the issue of 'stolen dogs'.
They are keeping the fb page open for others to upload info on missing dogs. There is another black pug, Winston, who has been missing since October of last year. For all we must cheer the outcome for Frank, oh, my heart feels for Winston's owners. It must really hurt.

Where I have no wish to be a 'lost dog blog' I had to let you know Frank was back and it would feel cruel not to highlight Winston; but unless it is a personal friend, no more lost doggies!
Our Stac
  What I would like to ask you, dear reader, is, if you are an animal lover please sign this  Government e-petition for compulsory micro-chipping of animals.
When my parents had our boxer dogs there was no such thing as micro-chipping, but there was a "Dog Licence" you could buy, (not compulsory), that cost the grand sum of what is now known as 37-and-a-half pence. My dad bought one for each of our two dogs. I don't see what good it was? But chipping, there's often offers on and free deals, whatever; it cost us 20 pounds per cat; but...if they go missing, or, God forbid, get knocked down, then there is a good chance of not being left in the dark depths of the unknown.
our Rufus
It might help with the horrible 'puppy farming' and hopeless owners who haven't got a clue and who have no wish to find out, how to keep an animal.
With Crufts freshly won, surely anything that can helps a dog, (or cat), is worth fighting for?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Eye Eye


Having accrued all this make up, I thought I'd have a little play!
And then I had a little play with special FX.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nectar Of The Gods

bought from Bobbi Brown, Debenhams
I did let out a shriek of joy when the postie delivered this, this morning!  

I have never bought 'a collection' of make-up like this before. I feel I could get addicted to it! Beautiful colours, a small amount of glitter, (not keen on too much sparkle; skin's a bit old for that I think, for everyday wear, at any rate).
The round disc is Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips (double whammy) in Hibiscus; on my lips top left. With Nectar 44 Lip Gloss on the right. Glossy not sticky.
Nectar and Nude Eye Palette l-r
Pale Cream Eye Shadow, Soft Buff Eye Shadow, Golden Bronze Metallic Eye Shadow, Pink Bellini Sparkle Eye Shadow, Earth Eye Shadow, Rich Caviar Eye Shadow.
A pretty, everyday workhorse palette.
A 'posh' version of a fave Jonny Loulou colour that I've worn for years. This is one coat of  Nectar hastily applied and having lasted thru' a steam clean of the kitchen! Maybe with a strong lasting finish you really do get what you pay for!
Appearing on my toenails soon!
(Probably tonight!)
Z xx

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Yachi Da!


Apparently, the title phrase means 'Good Health'.
My tiny little daffs have just opened in the last couple of days; luckily they're in a pot, so I have moved them so I can enjoy them from the kitchen window.

Wishing you all 'Yachi Da!' (yaccy dar!)
Z xx