Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hi Ho Silver

I was getting a tad concerned that my posts were being a bit bleak, so in an effort to be more positive...

(photo from link below)

One of 'my boys'* was invited to show at Chelsea and won Silver.

How bloomin' brilliant is that?

Good on you Wicky. The last time I saw him was at a retirement Gala and at the after party he stuck his head down my cleavage!!
*(We do know each other very well. 'My boys' were a regular bunch of dancers that I used to 'dress' and make costumes for).


And a really fab thing that happened to me...
when we went to The Place, part of the day was spent recounting memories of being with the company, both on Dictaphone and film. Well, technically, I shouldn't have been there, but was welcomed in. As Barrington said, if you did Class with the company, you were part of the company; and I did the very last class they did, with Bob, at Canterbury.
(And, yes, I was knackered!)
Now if those two things alone (that doesn't make sense does it? two things alone) weren't enough I got to spend the time sitting next to David Hughes. Yeah, I know...a lot of blank faces all round. He is a wonderful dancer and a wonderful bloke too. And, boy, was he eye candy. (Looking older now tho, but still easy on the eye!). This man was an Athena poster star! (Again, cue blank faces on those of a younger ilk!)
I don't really know of an equivalent today. But I'd like to think maybe R-Patz or someone like him. ('cept he does nothing for me. Benicio del Toro, now there's a MAN).
See, I'm 50 but, hey, I'm up there with wots happening!!!
Even if I don't know any of these...
(Alex, that's for you!!!)

Sadly, I can't find an image of the poster, but here is a more recent photograph, by Paul Liburd, who was also a dancer with LCDT.

Beautiful, isn't he?
So, on that lush note I shall sign off for now,

Z xx

Happy Memorial Day, USA

I was going to save this picture until 4th July, but a heads up from Kim that it was Memorial Day today, made me think hey let's go for it now. I can always use the picture again!!
So, I hope my readers in the USA are having a wonderful weekend.
And to us UK-ers, happy Bank Holiday weekend!
These choccy hearts came home with Mr B, from Washington, for my birthday, and very tasty they were too!
Z xx

Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Fond Farewell

Have just found out today, via The Guardian, that 'The Great Orlando' has passed away.
I made a record on my blog when Alexander Mcqueen and Malcolm Maclaren died, and although they may have been special to me, I never had the pleasure of knowing them.
Jack is different. He reminds me of so many good things from a certain, wonderful, exciting time in my life, and although he had a fair innings, (he was 75) it has knocked me for six a bit.
I remember him getting off the bus outside The Wells and there was scaffolding up around the stage door. I was going back into work and helped guide him through the Stage Door and into his dressing room. We struck up quite a conversation and on that seasons first night I took him in some freesias, saying, well, you might not be able to see them, but, boy, you can't half smell them! We were not best buddies, of course, but he remembered me the next season, which to me, was quite something! It was always an exciting time when the Kemp company was in Town!
He was amazing on stage and a blooming good, charming gent off.
Happy memories Jack; won't ever forget you.
Z xx
PS. Picture taken from his My Space page. I hope no-one minds.

Friday, 28 May 2010

It's my 1st bloggiversary and... half century birthday! Argh!!
Mr Blossom is in Poole so I celebrated this morning with the cats and did a little video so Mr B can see me opening my pressies!

I think I need to organize a little giveaway. It mostly seems that you ask for comments and ask people to become followers and then pick a winner. But I rather like the idea of doing it for those of you who have followed or commented during my last year; then it goes to someone who HAS supported me. I'm not fussed at getting hundreds of followers, (altho' that'd be nice), as I like the fact I can keep up with my special band of followers.

Whaddaya think?
Z xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

and, finally, for Little Miss B

We haven't got there YET!

But when we do, this'll be the suitcase that Mr Blossom will take with him.
Night all,
Z xx

...and this post is for Kim

Not just one picture, but TWO, of some creepy-ass clowns in TK Maxx.
(It's not all loveliness in TK y'know!)
This is in honour of her Way Out Wednesday posts the last couple of weeks.

Kim, I saw these and thought of you!

Z xx

A Post for Mel (she'll know why!)

Everything was lovely Saturday. Until some bright spark had had the brilliant idea of commissioning a piece done by a choir, live, in the foyer.

The Place used to be a Drill Hall. The theatre holds about 300. Not too big. But when the foyer is full and it's hot and we're kept waiting and THEN this lot start shouting and stamping around in amongst us....that was too much. Cue mega panic attack. I must've been scary, cos the girl let me thru' the doors to the auditorium without a whisper! So there I was in the no-mans-land; the dark gap between the foyer and the auditorium, fanning myself like mad and trying desperately not to cry. Without much success. Mr B came thru' and we went and sat in the auditorium. There were only a handful of people there and a big thank you to the front of house lad who looked after us.

The plus side is that eventually I calmed down and really enjoyed the show. I hadn't taken any meds with me as I really didn't think I'd need them, so I calmed down all by myself, which is brilliant. And the fact that I stayed where I was is brilliant too. It wasn't easy, or comfortable. Crying in Public is not something I would advise anyone to do!! But, hey, I lived to tell the tale. A year ago (or even 6 months ago), it probably would've knocked the stuffing out of me for days and really dented my confidence.

So, if you are planning some 'thing' that is taking place publicly, be warned, it could have a serious detrimental effect on someone!!

(And that specially commissioned musical opener? I thought it was b*llocks!!)

Friday, 21 May 2010

We're going to London (not) to buy Heat magazine

Mr Blossom and I are going to London tomorrow as Mr B has been invited to this
He used to work for the dance company LCDT, (London Contemporary Dance Theatre), on the Stage Management team. It was the most wonderful company, until, sadly, it lost its Arts Council funding. So it should be a fabulous day...friends that we haven't seen in 16 years. A few we've kept in touch with but others have spread out all over the world, but tomorrow many of them will be back at The Place. Hurrah for Robin Howard, I trust he will be looking down on us from Above.
The post title is from a TV ad for a UK gossip magazine, with a mother in a car with 2 children, driving to London to get her Heat magazine. Luckily, if I want it, I can buy it from my local shop, 5 minutes walk away!!
Finally, a big 'Hello', (another UK magazine, btw!) to cheap2chic, welcome!
Have a great weekend, don't melt in this Heat (ha ha),
Z xx

Friday, 14 May 2010


Well, we had fun yesterday!
The second lot of blackbirds fledged. Rene came eyeball to eyeball with one, but the adults were so fierce she fled under the lounger. Told you it would get lots of use! I did 2 lots of washing and had to put a hat on, as they were dive-bombing me too. Scary! And poor old Tabby, just trying to sit quietly in her own garden, got chased quite literally into the kitchen...the male bird flew in after her and then couldn't find his way out! Daft bu**er! He just kept flapping against the window. I got him out eventually, but I don't expect to do adult bird rescue!!
It is very odd. This second family set up home in the old nest. If they breed early in the year, does anyone know if (a), they can have a second brood or (b), can the male have another brood with a different female? Of course, it could just be a different pair, but I was surprised at the re-use of the nest.

Also, the swallows (swifts?) have arrived. I love watching them fly, and the noise they make.
And, finally, Mr B flew home. Hurrah! Hence the 2 loads of washing!!
He as brought me home some lovely goodies but I haven't taken any pictures yet, so they will follow.
But here are a few from his trip.
A canal near Virginia Beach. We love canal boats, and he took this photo as it looked different to our canals over here.
A painted wall on the corner of Granby Street, that is over 100 years old.
And how clever is this ? A retractable bike rack for 2 bikes. Clever, eh?
Also, there is a ramp in the doorway that lifts up and folds out for wheelchair users, that is fully automated. I think that is a brilliant bit of design.
A motorcycle cop on his mobile, in Washington.
The company went to and from Washington to Norfolk by coach and on their return, had the choice to go early and spend some time in Washington and go on an open-top bus trip. Mr B elected to wander round on his own. He thought is was really well laid out and was pleased he did the early option.
I can't get over how clean it all looked.
And this is his favourite photo.
Have a fab weekend,
Z xx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

You know it makes (Home)sense

I thought the best way to answer questions about THIS shop was to do a stack of photos! They are taken on my phone, so hence the slightly fuzzy quality.
So, in no particular order...

plastic picnic ware

in the background a rather nice metal love seat and a selection of 'outside' stuff

a view from upstairs, looking over vases and other interior nick-knacks

hair and beauty stuff, including bathroom fixtures (towel & toothbrush holders), towels in a myriad of colours and in the background, bed throws, mattress protectors etc

pretty hatboxes

a choice of urns

kids stuff, toys, baby stuff-tho' not clothes as such, but they did have these oh-so-cute girls wellies

a little bit more CK

vinegars, olive oil, fancy salt, flavoured sugars, rice, tea & coffee...
an epicureans dream

talking of dreams-no, they don't actually sell beds (yet!), but chests of drawers, butchers blocks, dining tables & chairs
(well, you might need to sit down to have a little rest!)

tea, anyone?

kitchen cleaning stuff, including quite a lot of 'green' products

pretty serving dishes

outdoor cushions and seating

cookware, (but I think they've sold the other pink pans)

all manner of crafting goodies
(and a fab selection of books)

more outdoorsy stuff-including doormats
The biggest downsides are you cannot go away and think about it for a couple of days, because it may well get sold, and quite often items are only in limited numbers, tho' you can buy and return within 14 days, but that's not much help if you've travelled a distance to get there. And you never know what is going to be there, I very rarely go there with a specific need in mind, you just need to go and see what you fancy.
I ended up buying a lilac metal plant holder and a teak lounger chair! I have wanted one for YEARS and took the plunge, using the excuse that it would be paid for out what my mum left me and therefore would be an early birthday present from her. It's an investment that'll last for years and will get plenty of use.
Here is a link to the Northampton store, which has a map, and access to find a store near YOU!
Better wave goodbye now.

Y'all come back now!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day-USA stylee

It is Mothers Day in the States today.
So, to my known followers across the pond, (and everywhere else too!),
And yes, I got extra purrs from the puss cats this morning!!!
Z xx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Pink pan(t)s

I love this sketch.
In fact I loved anything the 'Smack the Pony' girls did.
I wish they wold do a new series.

And here are my pink pans.
A terrible photo, but I just HAD to do this post NOW!

From Homesense. Where else!

And if I wear my pink pants too, I can cook up a storm. But I'll wear a pinny!

(And no, I DO NOT cook in my underwear!). But I do remember a story of a tutor who went to make his breakfast-naked-and turned on the gas ring..........yeow, say no more. (No, it wasn't a major catastrophe, just a bit of an early morning wake-up call.)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Z xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pinch Me

Lookie here at what we found last week in Homesense.

For 35 quid!
(Which, I know, is STILL pricey, but when my Tesco set cost £12, it sort of even its self out!)
I do love those pretty roses. My dad had a big rose bed when I was a child and it was his pride and joy. I felt very honoured when he taught me how to prune them and then let me loose on them. I don't really have enough sun in my garden to grow many and most are in pots, which is not ideal. But, much better than not having them!

Mr Blossom very kindly laid out the other designs and took a picture on his phone for your perusal. A mixed bag of designs. I must admit I could've been very tempted by the lighthouse design, which would actually have gone better with the curtains, but I stuck to the 'pretties'.

He also did a pic of this...

...which I think is really funny. And even better girth control when you don't buy it!
It was our 22nd anniversary yesterday, so I phoned him with a wake-up call at 7am his time. He is having a good time in Norfolk VA. Going to Target to get me some Cetaphil and Burts Bees stuff, and getting cat treats from Walgreens! Also catching up with a few friends from their last visit, one of whom restores vintage cars and is hopefully going to come over to the UK to do the London to Brighton run sometime.
When I was a kid we could walk from our house over the fields to catch it as it drove through Gatwick. It was brilliant. The field nearest the Airport is now an NCP car park. Progress, eh?
There is a great old film based loosely around the run, "Genevieve".
A good old bit of Britain in the Fifties. This link has photos etc.
Me...I don't drive!!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Bit lax recently on the old bloggaroony front, I'm afraid!

So, firstly, a big 'Hello' to Bombshell and Basketweave. Welcome to Pennyblossoms' world!

I'd liked to send a big 'Thank You' to Debbie at

for my first ever award. I have to admit, it bought a tear to my eye. I was so chuffed!!

Here are a few pictures from the Bicycle Basket Bazaar last Saturday. I met three georgous girls, Charlotte, Hannah and Laura (l to r).

And here is a photo of Laura and Hannahs' stall. It was full of pretties, a real treat for the eyes. Yummy.

And talking of 'yummy', this was my lunch at The Nook.

With these taken home from the 'cake lady', Pamela.

Triple yum.

And, would you believe it, I have lost 5lbs. Not sure've seen all the foodie related photos on this blog! I do try to eat properly, lots of veg etc.. I've spoken to my GP about it and she knows I am concerned that I am so overweight. But from what she says, I do wonder if the meds are partly to blame. But I feel that is just a cop-out excuse. But I also feel relieved that with the depression issues, I didn't end up with an eating disorder. I am happy as I am-I feel more confident now than when I was half the size, but the health issues are the ones that make me want to lose weight. Still, 5 down only another $%*@ to go!!

Anyway, I have a week to do as I please as Mr B flew out to Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday for work. So, I MUST TRY AND BE SUPER-CONSTRUCTIVE this week! And a blog post is a pretty good start.

I need to pass on this but that will be another post. So, till then, 'au revoir' mon chums,( it is 'Darling Buds of May' day on ITV3, and they are in France).

Z xx