Monday, 29 March 2010


Just a quickie to say 'Hi!', back home and it's lovely!
A taster of things from Devon...

Mr B found the daffodil candle holder-clever him.
(The jug - with real daffs - comes with flat we rent.)

What I call 'an Edwardian Ladies vase'; because the shape reminds me of their dress necklines, that just catch the top of the shoulders. One of my favourite things and a growing collection.

And introducing Cuff.
His owner is the pub landlady and he is sometimes allowed into the public areas. Here he is propping up the bar! She used to have 2 cats, and the other one was called Link!
Cuff is the biggest cat that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and is a really friendly, beautiful animal. What a joy! (But don't tell my 2!)
A warm welcome to Annie from
Lovely to see you again and thank you for following.
That's all for now folks,

Saturday, 20 March 2010

I was in such a rush I didn't put a title here! (Edited 30/03/10)

Bit of a rush here! I did manage to get out to the fair and it was fab. Will post piccies at some point, but must say, now, that I am the proud owner of 2 pieces from The Crafty Trundler, Sharon, and I am SO chuffed!!

Also got to the Antiques Centre-lots of stuff ,but v. good and didn't buy! But cannot wait to take Mr Blossom there, wow, there's all sorts.
I also caught the end of an indoor car boot and bought a pink pressed glass vase and a little dish-type thing.
Came home and did the washing up left from Thursday(!), when a power cut stopped play (shame, eh?). Bit too dark without the lights! Well, that was my excuse!

So, now I'm packing for a week in (rainy) Plymouth. I don't usually have t'internet access down there. There's a few cafes etc with wifi access but I've never used one - yet.

Have a great week,
Z x

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Fair hits town

Hurrah! It's the day before the Fair comes to town. I am so excited; I cannot wait! Is that being daft?

Good luck to all the stallholders, have fun and makes lots of money!
And a great big THANK YOU to Ann and Debbie for organising it.
There is also a sale a few minutes walk away at the Antiques Centre. Never been there, but have bought a couple of bits from their 'bicycle' at the Bazaar.
I had a cruddy sort of day today-think I did too much gardening yesterday, sowing grass seed, pruning stuff back etc etc. Woke up at half 4 this morning with pain in my forearm so got up and had a couple of Nurofen. Not the best start to the day!

I cannot believe we have a blackbird nesting already! It seems ever so early. Even though our garden is tiny and we have 2 cats we had 5 nests last year. Are they mad? Couldn't they find somewhere, well, safer, really? Mind you, the puss cats are very good ... considering! It is lovely, but I don't like having to do the occasional 'bird rescue'!

I don't know if this is the same fledgling, but he's a bit of a belligerent looking b*gger, isn't he?

Right-ho, I must sort out what I am going to take to Plymouth-cat litter tray etc., priority of course!

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, whatever you do,
Z x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Green Day

I forgot.
Happy St Patricks' Day!
Especially for Christy, who I hope hasn't overdone it on 'Shamrock Shakes'!
Z x

s l o w

Hi! to Mel and Charl, many thanks for following. It's been a bloomin' dull blog since you've found me!!!!

Most meds state that they may make you drowsy and mostly I find they don't, but I'm on a new one and I think that with the others is the straw that broke the camels' back! Once I'm up and running it's not too bad it's just the getting there that is a problem!

My wellness nurse, Amanda, has been a real Godsend. Little things she says make all the difference to how I view my life. (Which is probably not SO bad, but I worry about stuff and get all twisted up in it).

(View from The Hoe to Mount Edgcombe)

Anyhow, having missed going to the Ballet Gala last week, I (and the cats) am travelling down to Plymouth with Mr Blossom next week. So I could see them every day next week, lucky me. Sleeping Beauty with designs by the brilliant Philip Prowse. His visions are amazing. One of those people that when I was at college I deemed as a God!

Am also hoping to get to Totnes a couple of days-Friday for the market (hoping that Amanda the Shabby Chick will be there) and probably Tuesday for everything else...This n' That, the fab bead shop, the sewing shop and, thanks to reading Posys' blog, Gazebo, which, looking at her piccies, is an OMG-I'm-getting-palpitations sort of shop.

Gosh, just seem the time...must skedaddle of to the docs. Take care all of you,
Z x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Home cooking and 'stuff'

A big hello and welcome to my new followers, Sian, Christy from the USA and the two Emmas.

Maybe you might fancy an oaty cookie (from Attic 24, or a slice of flapjack from Jane Brockets' Gentle Art of Domesticity, both of which are very yummy and probably the only way I will ever eat porridge oats!
I also made some more coconut ice.

Sadly I cannot offer you a piece of walnut and honey tart or treacle tart as these were from the 'cake lady' (who also does the most wonderful quiches as well...and I'm sorry, but I don't know her name), at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar on Saturday. We stopped off at The Nook and had some of the aforementioned quiche with a jacket potato and salad. For 'afters' we had Tamsins' heart-shaped passion cakes. Yum!

This was a phone picture, so not too clear, I'm afraid.

This looks as if it is turning into a foodie blog. Scary. Particularly as so much of the time I can't be bothered with food. (One of the 'extras' of clinical depression.)

One of the stalls at BBB is a chap from here,

and they are having an Antiques Fair on the 20 March, which is the same day as the Homemade Fair. Now, conveniently for me, as I have to catch 2 buses to get to the HF, these 2 fairs are about 10 minutes walk form each other. How good is that? He's had some great pieces at BBB so it'll be interesting to have a mung around the 'big stuff'. Might need to get a taxi home!!!

Mr B had to go and stay in Brum at the W/E and Rene thought she was going too!

I know, I'm biased, but what a cutie!

Oh the sunshine has been FABULOUS today. What a treat.

Hope the weather is good in your part of the world. With so much bad news in Chile and the storms in Europe, I take comfort from whatever I can.

Take care of yourselves, don't get sunburned!

Z x