Monday, 1 February 2010

Ice ice baby

This was a dish of yummyness! Made with condensed milk from a recipe I found on I had a quick look at a regular recipe-dissolve granulated sugar in water etc., and this is much simpler; but I found it does require a bit of welly in the mixing stakes. (Begone! you bingo wings!). But definitely worth it!

On a totally different level, I cannot believe that Mr Blossom forgot to tell me that the company he works for won a South Bank Show Award. I was in the kitchen faffing about at the time and he called me in to watch. So, congratulations to them.

And for all you local bakers out there, check out

Cupcakes at the ready!

Went to Bicycle Basket Bazaar on Saturday; will try and post some piccies of my finds!
And finally, a big welcome to my first overseas follower, Aimee. She can be found here
and is well worth a butchers. Oo, lovely, lovely things!

Oh yes...I've found out how to link and I'm gonna use it!
Have fun, Zoe x


  1. Mmmmm that looks yummy, save a piece for me?

    Big well done to Mr Blossom :)

    Mel xxx

  2. Ohoooo yum yum, what pretty photographs. Thank yo so much for your lovely comment and your fabulous advice and tips, I shall certainly have a go at fly lady, I had heard of it, and used to do it, but kind of fell off the fly lady wagon ;)

    I really like your pretty blog :0)