Monday, 26 November 2012


One of my favourite posts ever written is this one by Lakota, about burlap.
So, of course, whenever I see the stuff, I think of her. Don't know her, never met her, don't always read her blog regularly, but that one post has been indelibly engraved upon my person!
This collection of 'burlappiness' was on display at Homesense, this afternoon, and I didn't buy any of it!

Burlap 'curtains' at Malmaison, Manchester.
(Posh burlap)!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday Slip-Up

Couldn't resist re-posting this from Michelles' blog,
Her post is actually about a most wonderful apartment that she rented in Paris, that is just oh so beautiful.
But this film made my eyes water with laughter. Not only the poor model wobbling over but the News Presenters trying, and failing miserably, to be professional!
Z xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My First Sighting!

Yay! My first viewing of the TV Coke ad at Christmas. It was on during Emmerdale earlier this evening.
'specially for you Ditzy!
Z xx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Dorset Square

"Let me tell you about this house", said Irene. "It's 210 years old".
The large front room of her flat used to be the reception area and the room that I was staying in would've been the library. Actors used to stay here when she had an advertisement in 'Spotlight'. Her husband had once thought he would become an actor and got the part of playing a corpse. Unfortunately, he fell asleep in his dressing room, waking up just in time to dash down onto the stage. The corpse lay there panting and that was the end of a glittering career in showbusiness!
The house is on Dorset Square, where there is a plaque to commemorate  the founding of the original Lord's Cricket Club. "It used to be a field", said Irene.
There's a photo of the Square as it used to be, on top of the bookcase. A black and white photograph in a black frame. Irene had got it from the Library. She joked that people looking at the photograph would say 'Oh, is that you in the window, Mrs A?'
As I took this picture, standing with my back to the window, I didn't realise that the same, now more mature trees, of the Square, were reflected in the framed glass.
I remarked that I liked the bookcase. "It comes apart she said." The top sections were individually glass-fronted, you raised the glass like a letterbox, to access the books. "It's Edwardian", said Irene, "I got it from a friend, who was moving to California.  I asked him what he wanted for it and he said 'Fish and chips', so I gave him some fish and chips."
On the subject of books, the lady who wrote '101 Dalmations' used to live on the Square. Irene remembered her having a party every year.
The clocks went back whilst I was staying at the house, but I didn't awake to Hansom Cabs outside. Nor did I hear the sound of leather on willow or see any Dalmatians, but, for all you fashionistas out there, I did see a man wearing a cricket jumper tucked into red trousers.

Edit: this is a guest post by Mr B. He was working in London and Dorset Square was where he was staying.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's All Back! (To Front & All Over The Place!)

 Everything has now come back, either home or to the lock-up. Now the difficult bit begins...what to get rid of!
 Definitely not the 'demon goat'.
Or my chi-chi kitty, who looks as though she is wrapped up in some luscious evening coat. (But is in fact still wrapped up in removal wrapping paper)
 Talking of wrapping paper - if you get a wrapped pressie from me, don't think "Cheapskate. She's re-used old paper and hasn't even bothered to iron it!" No, my new, unused wrapping paper got squished in a box!
It's no good, trying to hide down there, Mr B! I can see you!
At least we're still smiling!
Z xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Blue 4 U

Just something a little different today.
I treated my self to this pretty charmed handmade necklace from Bunyip in Exeter, the day I met DeeDee.
I can't believe how well it works with this top from TKMaxx!
All my favourite charms...swallow with a post card, lovebirds, scissors, key, ships' wheel, angel wings, Eiffel Tower and 2 flowery-disc things.
A big THANK YOU for your supportive comments the last few days, it's really has been a help; particularly Caroline likening the 'box room' to Tetris! That made me laugh out loud!
Z xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Who'd've Thought That... shoes would take up so much space!
Nah, not really! But I had two crates delivered today and two yesterday and this is how my home looks at the moment.
Only one more crate to come! Yippee!
(But thank goodness that's not arriving until next Monday!)
Z xx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Dong May Be Missing His Nose

I am a Zoe with a luminous nose!
picture from here

Well, I have a very painful, swollen left nostril, to be precise!
It's been painful since Thursday and now it drips too!
So, today was a bit of a wash-out; I didn't go to Market Harborough and have just stayed in, in the warm and lived it up by doing the washing up! Exciting, huh?
Thank goodness Mr B is home from Cardiff tomorrow.
(Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. Just humour me!)
Z xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Hunt for (Red October), not quite

Actually it's the hunt for a green pixie.
No, not one of these....

picture from here
...this! My beloved green Pixie Nespresso machine!

It got packed away by mistake! Oooo Noooo!

I know it IS in one of these boxes!

Maybe I'll just have to make do with a swift half at my local with the pixies, fairies and goblins!
(Though sadly this mural has since been painted over)

I am hoping to go here tomorrow. An excellent day out to be sure!
Z xx