Monday, 14 March 2011

Another Day, Another Harbour

Mr B went visiting family at the weekend, and came back with some fun stuff. But my favourite is this picture, taken on his phone, looking over Portsmouth Harbour.

There's a lot of detail in a very small space!
and an amazing, HUGE, white catamaran!
As you may be aware, I'm a teeny bit of a geek when it comes to planes and Naval boats!
They had a decommissioning service for the Ark Royal at the end of last week. How anyone, (Govt), could have the gall to take this ship out of service, Heaven knows. All the more poignant given the awful circumstances in Japan, where USA Naval ships are there to provide support.
Now, don't think I like the idea of 'war', but that vessel was amazing and, as a country, we have lost another jewel. There is so much 'big up Blighty' on blogs and here was something that made me, at least, proud.
I don't know much about the Tall Ships Race, but its' crew is made up of youngsters, which must be an amazing opportunity for those lucky enough to be chosen.
Years ago, in another life(!), I was the PR person for a 'fishy' tourist attraction in Southsea. As part of the job we went to the meetings of the areas hoteliers, and at one such meeting, were privy to the plans for the Spinnaker Tower and the surrounding Gun Wharf. I cannot quite believe it, to see the pictures of it! And it seems to be everywhere...Clark's shoes ad, Britain's Biggest Loser, to name but 2.
Have a good week,
Z xx


  1. I have actually never been to Portsmouth but certain members of my family are really into naval stuff and boaty things, so we really must visit one day. Lovely blog!

  2. That tower is quite something!

    Decommissioning ships always depresses me. Living where I do, there's so much evidence of disused ship building yards - it's a whole industry that's practically vanished and getting rid of more and more naval vessels isn't going to help :(

  3. Hope you like the award I have given you!
    See my last post for more info