Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pampas Is Evil!

No, Believe me! It is the most dangerous plant in my garden. It bites back! Well, no, it cuts shreds!

(Pampas to the right of the picture)

But the sun was out and it was almost warm, so, the pampas desperately needed a trim. Actually it needed a short back and sides cut. The bad weather earlier in the year really took its toll on the poor old pampas grass. And having cut it back I found all the dead 'Billies' too.

(The original Billy, in his original spot, in the middle of the picture, with spiky leaves)

The original 'Billy' was a phormium that we rescued from the skip outside a pub called The King Billy, hence his name. The chap even brought it round to our home in his trailer, which was really kind of him. (It was a very big plant!). So, over the years its been moved around the garden and split into smaller sections and grown in pots. So, hopefully, these plants in the ground will recover.

It was brilliant this morning. Looking out from the kitchen window, whilst making coffee, there was a bobbin' robin, a wren and Mrs Blackbird all scuffling around collecting bits for their nests. How sweet...Spring must be on its way! But, why does Mrs Blackbird always build her nest in OUR garden? Y' alert! We've had a wren build her nest here the frogs head! But it must've been very cosy because at that time it still had the sponge in there. (To answer your query "Why?", it was made as a mask).
Mr B is back from HK and is doing shows in Brum. I was talking to him on the phone the other day and he came out with the immortal line, "I've got to go and meet the pony from the lift." The mind boggles, but I have asked him to get me a picture of the pony, Peregrine, and George, his handler, in the lift. Ah, showbiz, there's nothing like it!!
Z xx


  1. Did your Phormium survive the winter? Mine is well and truly dead and waiting to be cut back.

  2. im laughing out loud at the meeting the pony at the lift!!!
    the life of showbusiness knows no bounds does it!!

  3. Pony in a lift? Sounds like fun to me!

  4. Glad you are getting weather that allows you to do gardening. Hope we'll soon see some of that here too. :)