Sunday, 22 August 2010

August Break #22 The One That Got Away

My picture of the day is in my head!

It will be with me forever and is more a video than still photo.
It should've been a picture of this glorious plane.
(Picture above from
The Avro Lancaster Bomber
From the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
(Picture above from BBMF)
It was on its way to here.

Which I didn't know anything about.

But it flew over our house 2 and a half times.

Really, really low.

I very nearly burst with excitement.

You see, sadly I am a bit of a plane freak/geek. I blame growing up in the shadow of Gatwick Airport. I am especially interested in Military planes and have a very large pile of books about them! That was one of the added extras of my Technical Librarian job, a lot of aviation-related stuff.

Honestly, I cannot believe what has happened; I even sent a little 'thank you' to Him upstairs! It was that special.

So, yes, a bit of a cheat with the photo, but hey-ho, there you go.

And she really is the one that got away. She is one of only two airworthy Lancasters, the other being in Canada apparently. So, I feel even more lucky.

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