Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tardis Tuesday

Just sneaking in on Tuesday! 
Just posing on the Fire Exit stairs of the Breast Screening Mobile Unit this afternoon!
As you do!

Coming out smiling! For those of you that have not had the delight of a mammogram, it takes me longer to get dressed afterwards than it does for the 4 X-rays!
Wearing a variety of blues - denim jacket, that Mr B brought me from Big 'n' Beautiful in Newcastle, an Evans skirt and camisole, blue daps and my wonderful new Jan Constantine 'Willow Pattern' bag, both from TKMaxx. Who even knew that JC did bags? I have a few of her cushions and I have tried on one of her tea cosies, but bags...love it! 
Joining in with Kezzie and My Closet Catalogue.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Make 'Em Laugh

 Mr B was hollered at yesterday, while cycling to the Doctors Surgery.

 It was an 'old mucker' from days gone by when they both were working on "Singin' In The Rain"; he as an actor, Mr B as an ASM.
Look! I'm in Panto!
He was quick to point out his car...a Fiat PANTO!
Clever eh?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

TARDIS Tuesday

At long last I got it organized to follow Kezzie and Tardis Tuesday, but I think it's been put on hold by My Closet Catalogue until August!!
a little pixilation could be Dr Who-ish, surely?

a little colour saturation on this one
Kezzie,,,we see poodles

Is that the Tardis' periscope?
No, close -  it's our 'Lucky Tower', aka The Northampton Lighthouse, (if you ever listened to Terry Wogan), aka The Express Lift Tower. With a wild bit of colour boosting to add to the 'scary' theme!!
Mr B is thinking of doing an abseil for the Eve Shelter. I think the reason is great, just not sure about the height/jumping off the side ratio thing!! (It is 127m/418ft high!)
Trousers from Sainsbury's, daps, bag and blouse from TKMaxx.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Crafty Cat

So, having finished embroidery that has taken decades to finish, I gave it, and some other embroidery fabrics, a little press and popped them on my chair to keep flat and cool down ...
... came back into the room and our little furry mate had covered it in fur and a couple of claw marks!
Cheers, Ren!

A damping summer day and the best things to lift the spirits?
An old lilac Custard Shop bag and a shiny pink pair of Sperry docksiders (OMG, I love these shoes!).

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Not Quite 'Bonjour'

 Yeah, well...those who follow me on Facebook know I never made it to France.
But I have planted up a small trough with French lavender.

I had a crafty week, making use of the hot weather to wash all my new fabrics ready to cut and sew.
(Just need to make a space to lay it all out and cut it out!!).
drinking in the heady aroma of honeysuckle
 I've just about finished my embroidery that I started years ago and took up again when I spent the week on the boat in Oxford. Mind you, even that was years ago now, too!

We also were given cake!
Oh my, and what cake it was too! Our new Polish neighbours were celebrating their daughters' first birthday and Grandma made this beautiful cake. Multiple layers, fresh fruits, cream and chocolate chips.
The clematis in the front garden is a joy.
 I also managed to actually pick 3 peony blossoms this year. I don't tend to grow a lot of flowers, but at the moment I have little vases with cornflowers, sweet William, pinks, marigolds and sweet peas in. Not very many but enough to make me go "Wheeee", especially as this year, all my early Sarah Raven-inspired sweet pea seed planting only gave me 2 plants!
But for the first time my cornflowers have come to fruition and I am so chuffed.
Will do my best to pop over to your blogs to say hello, but would just like to say a big
 "Thank you"
 to all of you who have supported me and been so kind with your words. It really is a huge boost when I am feeling 'bleurgh'.