Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mr Blossoms' Blossom

Well, everybody may be celebrating the 90th Birthday of The Queen but here at chez Pennyblossoms we have our own celebration going on.
Mr Blossoms birthday!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Show Them Your Cross

I tried to find The Vicar of Dibley joke on Youtube, but had no joy.

As mentioned in my previous post, this is the French crucifix that I bought at the Vintage Fair, along with a 'Souvenir de Paris' scarf.

I am intrigued about the skull on it.
Does anyone know why?

Gosh, the weather since we came home has been tremendous, so I 've been a busy bee in the garden. Seeds, re-potting plants and actually planting the rose bushes which I bought in February and just heeled in for the last 2 months. Still, they look okay and are throwing out new shoots, so hopefully there'll be lots of lovely smelling flowers later in the year.

Summer...bring it on!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Goesy Posey Tiddly Rosey

Well, I seem to have gone from not going out of the house for days (weeks?) on end, to being a super-busy bee!

On Saturday there was our local Vintage Fair at St Matthews. I bought the most beautiful old French crucifix from Bryony, but have yet to photograph it.

Met up with Trevor's, (who organises the fairs), mum, Margaret, aka 'Twinnie' as we share the same birth day. There were vintage tablecloths and the most delicious smelling daffodils on each of the tea room tables. I partook of a particularly yummy slice of homemade chocolate cake.

Sunday we went to our first ever Asian wedding. It was our neighbour, who we have watched grow up from a young boy to a charming, caring man.

His wife was from Luton, so there was a big red double-decker bus laid on to get there, along with a white stretch Hummer and limousine for the groom and his family.

We were allowed to 'break' the rule of segregating the men upstairs and women below as Mr B sat with me on the bus, but for the meal we adhered to the same segregation. We had no idea what to expect and it was all very fluid, no panic over timings or anything!!

The food was great, the bride was stunning and our mate looked great in his groomsman outfit.
It was fabulous.

Monday we travelled down late in the day to Plymouth. It is weird coming down a day later, I seem to be playing catch up since.

blossom trees along the road where we stay
I had a great day in town yesterday and got my hair cut at Toni & Guy. No restyle or anything just a major tidy up which was direly needed.

the view from one end of our road over Plymouth Sound
I met Mr B for lunch and he finished work early enough to has a fish and chip supper, whilst the sky gave us a wonderful display.

view from outside the West Hoe Chippy at the other end of the road
 Tomorrow I am hoping to meet up with a friend and go and see the ballet, Romeo & Juliet, an old classic with amazing music.
Can't wait!