Thursday, 19 August 2010

August Break # (I've lost track) Pride

A scary-arse, (to use Kims' phrase), lion painted as a clown.

We found him and a 'mermaid' lion in Becketts Park yesterday afternoon. In the rain.

We'd actually wandered over from the Opticians in the hospital, which is across the road, to go and have a look at the new marina they are building.

Leo the Clown had to be the picture for yesterdays August Break. Especially as it was Wednesday and Kim tends to do 'Way-Out-Wednesday' which started the ongoing scary-arse clown thing in the first place. (Oh, Kim, you have a lot to answer for!!!!)

Here's 2 more lions, photographed the other week in Abington Park, when I went to the dentist.

The checkered one is sponsored by Park Inn, hence its' colour scheme.

Can't remember what this one is about. St George maybe, with the suit of armour and the England flag?

Here is a link to all the details

I'm pretty sure they are going up for a charity auction in September.


And the marina? It's looking lovely. Berths for narrowboats wanting to stay over and some residential moorings too. Want one!!

We arrived just as a boat was using the lock.

In 12 years, that is the first time I have ever seen the lock used!

Hopefully, next year when the marina opens it will get lots more use.


You may of noticed I've done a bit of blog 'housekeeping'. I seemed to be in a bit of a muddle with who I did and didn't follow, so I think I've got that sorted now. (Basketweave and Bombshell!)

Also, a big welcome to Lesley from that wonderful shop in Totnes, This'n'That,

and also to Vanessa, of Coco Rose,

Sorry to be so slow in giving you a shout. Anyhow, welcome!

Another W/E looms and then Mr B returns to work after his Summer break. (Boo!)

Have a good 'un!

Z xx

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  1. That clown lion is a bit scary! the others are amazing though.