Thursday, 4 November 2010

Howzat Giveaway! 100 Not Out!

I have reached 100 posts! Woohoo!
I messed up on my 1st year anniversary, so, to make amends I would like to offer you this little beauty....
Actually, she is not that little. A very generous sized bath towel, that wraps around even me, (and I'm a big lass!!). Soft, pretty and available to one lucky winner on Saturday night! Bonfire Night Weekend, to make sure it goes with a bang!

Basically, just leave a little message and if you are a lurker, take the plunge and become a follower. (You know you want to!).

I will put the names of anyone who follows in the hat anyway, 'cos I'm kind like that!!, but I would like to say thank you as you have all been such a support to me.

And, there are new names too! A big "hello" to Caroline, Roo, Delia , Belinda and Susy. Thank you for taking the time to follow me, I really do appreciate it. And I need to do some reciprocating too!!

So, Mr B will do the honours once it gets dark enough for fireworks, 'spose about 7pm (GMT),Saturday 6 November. We have the hat, we have the white gloves, we have the fireworks, we have the gift!

We just need you to enter! And to my USA chums, that means you too! It's open to all corners of the Globe!!

Good luck, Zoe xx


  1. Oooooh yes please, I'd love to go in the hat xx

  2. Congratz on 100!!! Way to go. I always love reading your posts and also the comments you make over on my silly blog! I feel like we'd have fun if we ever sat around chatting over coffee or tea. Afraid the plane ride might be a bit much for my pocket book though, so next best thing is keeping up with you here in blogland. :) Best of luck on your next 100 posts (and beyond)!!

  3. I love giveaways and that towel is gorgeous

  4. oo wot a lovely giveaway..that towel is gorgeous..
    well done on your 100 posts.. it goes fast doesnt it!!

  5. Please put me in the hat too!

  6. Congratulations! Well done on reaching 100.
    I'd love to have my name entered into the draw.

  7. aww thank you for the little name mention. I am loving reading all your posts 100 of them wow its amazing when you first start off you think what am i going to write about its amazing really how it takes shape. Congratulations. Its a lovely give away and i would love to be entered into the draw, thank you. Happy blogging to you. Dee x

  8. Hi Zoe, please can I be included , I love the towel. Congratulations on your 100th post, it's hard to believe isn't it and remember life before blogging ?
    Ann x

  9. Ooh enter me please!

    Ps - am immensely taken with your name for the new dressing gown. I shall sing all the songs from Joseph I can remember whilst wearing it :)

  10. oooh loving the towel what a fabulous giveaway. Thankyou so much for donating to my cupcakes for cancer party... the giveaway goodies are on blog. many thanks again Tx

  11. Happy 100, what a lovely giveaway. x

  12. CONGRATS on 100 posts! that sounds like soo many, it'll take me forever to get there :)

    Enter me please!

    Love the floral design - very laura ashley and I may only be 25 but I definitely have the taste of a 65 year old with a passion for flower prints!

  13. Well done on getting to 100 Zoe! Lovely giveaway - please include me! Wend