Sunday, 14 November 2010

Catch-up Mash-up

Let's see...a little catch-up with me and my world
Was so un-enamoured of the couple she was going to help last Tuesday that I turned over and watched Holby!
Like everyone else, I enjoyed the first show and loved the house, but couldn't help but feel if the family who owned it had decorated the hall-a lick of paint perhaps?-and renovated the parquet flooring it would have looked a lot better in the first place, and was not really something that needed Kirstie to help them with.

Was terribly upset at the news of Lily Allen and her partner losing their much-awaited baby at 6 months. How awful, I cannot imagine their upset. I have never been much of a fan of hers, but she just seemed to beam in all the recent photos of her and her 'bump' and she looked so happy. God, Life is so bloody cruel, and now she has had to fight blood poisoning too!
My heart goes out to them.

I have been very nearly incandescent with rage over this man! No other country wants him so good ole Blighty gets to keep him. Why? Why do we have a country that gets taken for a ride by all and sundry? I do not want to ever get political on this blog, but heck, Abu Hamza takes the bloody biscuit! And on our local TV news they mentioned about a small group of Muslims in Luton burning the poppy on Armistice Day...words fail me. We have a large-ish Muslim population in our street and I enjoy having them as neighbours, so I find it dreadful that such a small minority can do so much damage.
But to finish this rant, the oldie but goodie...
Abu Hamza-not as nice as he looks!
Onto jollier things-
A new 'old' chair to lust after from the new Cinderella production
and an amazing piece of 'patchwork' set. (This, I must point out is the back, as it is all hush hush at the mo!). You can check out this link for more.

Mr B's new 'friend' from Coppelia!!!


A few 'old' photos from Plymouth yet to have been downloaded until now!

My mate Chloe, a MAC girl, who I always try to catch up with when I'm down there.
Chloe 'n' Zoe
(check out the fab blue nail varnish!)

Our two waitresses at Cafe Rouge, where we ate more times that week than was good for us!
I don't know how that worked out, but there just seemed to be time slots from Mr B's work for us to get there. We haven't been for ages, so it was a lovely treat!

Gabriella and me! I guess she was French, either that or she had perfected a great French accent! My attempts at read at reading off the menu were appalling, so it was so good to hear it spoken properly!!
And, finally, a few Halloween shots.
This was the ladies loo at the Fishmarket, 'done up' for The Nooks' evening party!
We were actually there in the afternoon for the Bicycle Bazaar. I had hoped to catch up with Sharon, the Crafty Trundler, but alas, this time it wasn't to be. Next month!

And, to totally finish you off, a couple of piccies of me!!

So, to my newest Follower, Joy, from All Made Up, 'Hello', and are you sure want to keep following?
Have a great week,
Z xx


  1. Oh what lovely photos, especially the one of you and Chloe.

    The Lily Allen news is terrible isn't it? :(

  2. Why hello! I feel all special being mentioned in a post! I clearly need to get out more :)

    I havent been watching the new kirstie show (I'm sure it has a name but I'm only interested cos she's in it) but I'm recording them so I can spend a whole Sunday watching it and eating scrummy food with copious amounts of tea. Hurrah!

    Loving the bathroom halloween "decorations" - it's really well done and I'm a complete chicken so it would probably have freaked me out a bit :)

  3. oo how scary is that halloween blood smeared message!!.
    love your mr's new friend!! does she go everywere with him!
    i watched this weeks kirstys show and wasnt that bothered about what they had done .. it seemed that she made them some scabby old cushion and they made a naff looking candle holder!!
    love that chair for the production.. if they cant think of what to do with it after the show i'll have it!!

  4. Alex-Thank you for your lovely comment! Chloe had just done my make-up and we'd had a real fun time.
    Joy-but you ARE special. You took the time and effort to follow me, and I really appreciate it!
    Charl-ha! get in line for that chair!! Mr B informed me that it isn't for Cinderella, but is what they call 'dead stock', and is from an old production. It is apparently going to be used in the Ballet Hoo!-type production of Cinderella that is being done with 'disadvantaged' youngsters.
    And I have to admit, I DID jump when I went into the ladies!!
    Z xx

  5. Zoe, you are such a jem. Love these pics. The last couple really crack me up! Thanks for the chuckle. Don't know much/anything about the politics of your area, but hope things get better. Thinking of you!!!

  6. Those pictures of you are making me smile. A lot. You've been doing such glamorous things! Mac? Cafe Rouge? I'm a little envious!