Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Disaster That Is ...

...called "Going In The Shed"!

The Jumble Sale find of a handmade silk dress with silk lace overlay from most-likely the 50s.

My 'quilt' started probably before I hit double figures and long before I knew anything about fabric 'grain'. But full of memories - stuff made by me, stuff made by my mum. Stuff!

Pieces of vintage curtain fabric. Some 'classy' like this Heals piece, some from the bloke who worked in curtaining for offices, hotels and the like, and who bought my parents house in 1976. OMG...some of the patterns really make my eyes hurt!

The neckline of another handmade silk dress, all but worn out. But I can't chuck it away. Look at the craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) that went into that. Faggoting, that's what it's called; joining two pieces of fabric together with an embroidery stitch. Beautiful.

A red corduroy jerkin, with my school name tab in. Started but never finished. A navy blue skirt that was a promo made to a design of my dads' for British Telecom, if I remember rightly. A fail safe 'dressing up' item for a budding fashionista! A vintage waistcoat back removed and replaced by me for my dad.

A 'Herald' of London cocktail dress. Partly taken apart by me to do something with, but never quite got there. Maybe I should just sew it back together and send it on to one of you?

My favourite curtain. Hung up at a myriad of windows over the years.

Bags of 'Stuff'. The offcuts from things I made bloody years ago! A bag of fur fabric bits.

Two of my mums dresses, again used for dressing up and eventually turned into skirts. (I can't believe how tiny my waist was on that floral one. I think I may do a close-up of that with a tape measure!!) The scarlet one may well be revamped for the summer!
A fabulous Welsh woolen top that was a jumbly find for coppers, way back when, and worn a million times because I loved it so much. A pair of FU jeans I think.

Now, this was a surprise! Didn't know we had a cuddly brown bear in the shed! Can't even remember where this came from! It needs a lot of fresh air, so haven't got up too close to it yet!

And to finish...a collage of old bags!
Don't you dare say a word!!

Mr B thinks the alternative title of this post should be "The Shed That Time Forgot"!
I think he has a point!

Have a great week!


  1. Wow what a gorgeous load of fabrics and memories for you i think your husband is right the shed that time forgot is rather cute but Wow i bet you had fun looking through it all. It would be lovely if you could work with them again how about cutting a piece from each and making a memory patchwork quilt it doesnt have to be big and then you could look at them all everyday ;-) dee xx

  2. WOW I love looking at the amazing fabric xx

  3. I'm jealous! Your shed is a treasure trove of fabrics while mine is home to old paint tins and spiders xx

  4. Lots of fun you've unpacked there. Such a great idea to take photos. Thanks for sharing. :)