Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Life Is Sweet

 Braved the damping weather for a stroll up to Abakhans and then had tea at Sugar Junction.
I first found this pretty tea room a couple of years ago and it hasn't lost its' lustre.
This photo wasn't taken today!
I spent the whole of the weekend tucked up in my hotel room with the most stinky, snotty cold!
S'not fair!
Still keeping the whole place awake at night with my coughing!
Hoping to get my hair cut and coloured tomorrow.
Can't wait!
Z xx


  1. Ooh, I do love a pretty Tearoom! Hope you feel better soon X

  2. That tearoom looks lovely. Do hope you're feeling better - it's rotten being poorly at this time of year when the day are so cold, wet and dull anyway. :)

  3. what a cute tea room, looks lovely. hope you are feeling better soon, the weather is so miserable it doesnt help when feeling poorly xx