Friday, 28 November 2014

Tra-la-la-la-laa La La La Laa

Not the most explanatory of titles, I have to admit, but I dusted off the old Chrimbo CD and have been warbling away ...

...whilst washing up.

Wiping up with this.

And wiping with this as well!
(Sorry, 'Vulgar Woman' is back!!)

The Coca Cola ad has been on TV since the 9th November. (Do you think that was much too early?).

This could be taken as a bit of Vix love; but I also had Prancer but he got put in the recycle bin last night, so I'm guessing it's just reindeer names!

I haven't been out shopping today, but when I do go I will take my dusted off M&S shopper.
Need to use it as much as I can in the allotted time.
(Tucked away again after Twelfth Night)
So, not very Christmassy yet, (have you seen that bloody awful weather out there?), but little touches are creeping in.
(Phone photos, so excuse the quality. Put my camera away somewhere safe.)


  1. Well there you go. Haven't a thing up about that. I did make a Thanksgiving day flannel shirt dress though. And now that's come and gone. That's the problem with holidays. They're coming, coming, coming and then phtt, done.

    1. So much prep for so little actual festivities. I guess at least what gets done now will be here until the 6th January!!

  2. The coca cola ad means the start of Christmas!

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