Thursday, 26 February 2015

All The Way Down, She Was Up In The Air aka Every Wardrobe Mistress' Nightmare

So, the icon that is Madonna, fell over on stage in spectacular style.
At least she wasn't naked!

Lux wrote this song after being inspired by the Marcel Duchamp painting, Nude Descending a Staircase.
Apparently, the fall was caused by what could be called a 'wardrobe malfunction' I guess. Of the most awesome kind. Never mind Janet Jackson and her boob exposure, I mean, this was major!
Any one who works in 'wardrobe' must've felt sick at the sight of her struggling with those cape ties and then what followed.

"I knew I shouldn't have tied it in a double bow"
Photo from the Daily Mirror
And for all there would've been a gazillion rehearsals, which the tabloids were forever telling us about, the 'beauty' of 'live' performance shows the pitfalls that can occur.
Madonna was lucky. A dancer I worked with on my first professional job, several years later died from a brain  haemorrhage after falling off the stage into the orchestra pit. I know of another friend who fell into the pit, dusted himself off and got back on stage with not even a bruise...but it could have been so much worse.
To paraphrase what we would heckle to the opposing team players at the ice hockey -
"She fell over."
But she got back up and carried on. A true 'pro'.
Kudos to her!


  1. Did she really fall? Or was it to generate publicity?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I think if it had been staged it would've not been done on the steps...a hell of a risk to take however much she rehearsed it. I didn't notice a crash mat either. Did you hear that thump as she hit the floor, before the mic did? That's gonna hurt and unlike me, she doesn't have any padding!!

  2. Poor love. She could have been throttled by that cape. I feel for the dancers and the costume designers and poor old Madonna but haven't they heard of velcro???

    1. Exactly! They could've had the ties on there still but done up and sewn on as a 'design feature'. This is where 'fashion' designers fall down, (no pun intended), as 'costume' designers. Especially at that level where, well, who's going to turn round and say "No, that won't work."?
      And yes, I bet it's the poor bloody dancer that was 'choreographed' to a given beat to pull the cape off, that'll be the scapegoat!!