Monday, 14 September 2015

Sloan Ranger

aka" Zoe Get Your Paintbrush"

I was an Annie Sloan virgin
The item in my sightline. A bargainous KS bedframe from Tesco's from a few years ago. Matt black and shiny dirty gold. A double whammy for ASCP to work its' wonders on!
the outdoor painting studio
 First coat in progress. No need to prime, just a wipe with a damp cloth and a rub down with a
lint-free cloth.
Second coat going on.
I tipped some paint from the tin into an old cup so that I could water it down a little.
Three thin coats are better than 2 thick ones. I will water down the 3rd layer even more. I did get the wax to finish it, but am now thinking of glazing it so that there is a sheen and so the wax won't rub onto the bedding.
My colour choice, Paloma
We did a 2-bus trip to My Little Vintage in Earls Barton to get the paint . They are the only stockist of ASCP in Northamptonshire and also run classes there and at their store in Olney.
I am really chuffed with how it is looking and now see why people rave about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It has been a joy to use and, a good thing for those of you like me with asthma, no ghastly paint fumes.
As I tend to buy paint in Wilko's, 18 quid for a large tin did make me go 'eek' a bit, but it goes a long way and I am now eyeing up what to paint next!
Don't stand still next to me for too could be you!