Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Can You Ever Have Too Much Amazing? No!

I did take quite a lot of pictures at Insitu. Having asked the owner if it was OK, well, I just got a bit carried away! Be warned...picture heavy post.
There were two things that I could really quite happily live with.

This amazing lounger/chair. If I were more knowledgeable, I would probably know what this would be called, but never mind. It was just a rather fabulous bit of design.
Then there was this set of bright yellow cups and saucers. They looked like there were moulded plastic - never seen anything like them before, either. My goodness, that colour was fab!

Never seen a bar like this one.
(Yes, this was a visit full of firsts, wasn't it?).
We have one or two bars, or thereabouts(!), but this one...might even like it more than our 'boat bar', and that is saying something.
And stools to match!

Two shots of an incredible selection of stained glass pieces.
Just to finish, a collage of a few more beauties.
Insitu Architectural Salvage
252 Chester Road
M15 4EX

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Bed Hopping

Seems to be that I am so busy, (not doing much), that my poor old blog has been pushed to
 the side-lines.
So, as my last post was about my bedstead painting, it seemed only fitting to tell you about somewhere we have wanted to visit for a good while now.

sorry, Mr B can only take photos with me in them!!
We found this amazing verdigris Moroccan bedframe, amongst the most wonderful collection of all things salvaged.
We've seen Insitu from the tram and taxi to and from Manchester City Centre to Salford Quays, but never quite got there. To be fair, our last trip to Salford wasn't quite as we'd hoped, what with Mr B being really ill, with what turned out to be labyrinthitis and me having a visit at the hotel, from two paramedics(!). 
With most of Friday free from the ballet, we made the short trip and, boy, it was brilliant!
 Just fabulous! 

And for the en suite bathroom...lush!
If you ever get a chance to visit, do, you really won't be disappointed!
More photos to follow...